THE fact it has taken an incredible 25 years to secure the demolition of the Talisman pub in Springburn is surely not only a disgrace but an indictment of the inadequate processes in place which surely need updating.

If this monstrosity was sited in one of the ‘better’ areas of the city it would have been torn down many years ago.

I’LL be pleased to see the Talisman in Springburn demolished.

It has been an eyesore in the community for far too long and an absolute danger for any youths who decide to enter the building.

I pass it every day on the bus and I always wonder what tourists must think of the area when they see such a sight.
Via email

I AM rather surprised nobody from the PC brigade has objected to all these Manifestos, demanding they be called Personifestos!
Judi Martin
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THE council doesn’t have a clue regarding its 20mph speed limit plan for most of Glasgow’s roads.

It may cut accidents, but cars will have to be in second gear using a low gear will produce more exhaust fumes.

Cars have to be moving to keep the engine cool city will be clogged up with cars overheating it’s buses that are causing more fumes keep them out off the centre.
Robert Cadden
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THE city administration committee that will be responsible for rubberstamping this project should be made to “try before they buy”.

They should be required to drive at 20mph for at least one month before putting pen to paper.

Another speed limit that hasn’t been properly thought out is the one you come across when entering carparks, 5mph.

It’s impossible to adhere to, so it’s ignored.

Jimmy Trainor Posted online I’D love to see the boyracers stick to 20mph when they race around the city centre every night. I can’t imagine that ever happening.
R Scott