Margaret Allan’s letter on Friday, November 15, on the lack of accessible train stations in Glasgow will strike a chord with countless members of the MS community for whom a lack of accessibility has a very real impact on a daily basis – on their employment, ability to see friends and attend medical appointments.

Access to public transport for people with disabilities should be improving but we are still hearing from many people who have found that what change there has been is far from enough. 
From trains to taxis, our society is failing people living with MS. This is unacceptable and has to change. 

We were pleased to see this important issue being raised by the Evening Times on November 13 as it is can be easy for people without access needs to take for granted the seemingly simple tasks like taking a train. 

We echo the comments made by the Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) that public transport has to be accessible to ensure disabled people can fully participate in the life of the city. 

The problem of accessible public transport is not just an issue in Glasgow, but across Scotland. It’s only by speaking up and bringing this to the attention of our legislators and public bodies that we can effect change.

We urge people affected to let their communities know the impact by contacting their elected representatives and talking to organisations like GDA and ourselves.
Morna Simpkins 
Director of MS Society Scotland 

WE have just returned from our recent two night trip to London which I won through the Evening Times.

I was so happy when I received the email to advise and a big thanks to Ria Bussey from Publicasity for making all the arrangements.

Our stay was at the Leonardo Tower Bridge hotel and it’s a great location for staying in London. Rooms are great and lovely choice at buffet breakfast. Leisure facilities looked great but we did not have time to try them out hopefully on a return visit! 

It was great trying to see as many attractions as we could while in London. 
Fiona Anne Stewart

I REMEMBER Springburn when it was a vibrant working class area, with high employment (The Talisman: Battle to knock down derelict pub finally won, Friday). 

Sadly the closure of its many factories and workshops have led to its demise. 

In my day the Balgrayhill was a highly desirable area, close to Springburn park. 

Unfortunately the area was developed with poorly designed houses and lack of facilities for the unfortunate tenants. The Talisman attracted undesirables to the area, like the Balgray, it became a place to avoid. It won’t be missed.
Donald Webster
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IT should have been knocked down years ago – even before the Red Road flats!
Gary Chalmers
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HOW many hotels does Glasgow need (Holiday Inn reveals £18m hotel plans on River Clyde at Pacific Quay, ET online)? 

It will create 50 jobs – why not flats for rent as the people of Glasgow need more affordable housing?
Betty McCormick
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IT’S nice to hear about more optimism around the Scotland national team after the performance of the team last week.

Let’s hope Steve Clarke’s side can continue improving and be successful in the play-off tie.
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