Contemporary Canadian music legend Mac DeMarco delighted Glasgow fans after his gig on Sunday night by taking a trip to a bar on Sauchiehall Street.

Mac, who was playing in the O2 Academy, paid homage to many delights of Glasgow city by drinking favourite Buckfast tonic wine on stage, and playing Limmy sketches during his set.

He then urged audience members to "come and say hi" if they saw him after the gig.

Numerous pictures popped up on social media after of Mac drinking with fans and his band in Sauchiehall Street bar, Nice N Sleazy.

Emma McSorley, a 20 year old fashion student from Cambuslang, met Mac and his band mates with her boyfriend Freddy after the gig.

"He was so friendly and chilled out" said Emma.

"All his band members were there too, and they were chatting to everyone."

Joshua Seggie, 22 year old from Coatbridge, also met Mac.

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"The gig was amazing, he's always my favourite gig to go to.

"My friends and I saw after the gig that he was in that bar, so we decided to go and see if he was there.

"He was really friendly, definitely had a drink in him, but he was happy to meet friends and take pictures. After, we apologised a lot for wanting pictures, but he was so nice about it.

"We had a pretty simple conversation because he couldn't really understand what we were saying, but we pretty much said how we loved the gig, and how many times we'd been to see him, and he was saying how thankful he was that we enjoyed it."

Although he was enjoying the Scottish delicacy of Buckfast on the stage, Josh said that Mac opted for "just pints" in Nice N'Sleazy's.

Evening Times reporter Heather Carrick wrote in her review of the gig that at the climax of the show, an impressive rendition of It’s Over And Done With by Scottish legends The Proclaimers was performed by Mac and the audience ensuring there was no doubt in fans minds that Mac thoroughly enjoys his times in Scotland every time he visits.

His bassist even took time out before the encore to proclaim “We love Scotland. It’s just so chill the further north you go.”

Mac has been known for his casual approach with his fans, even going as far to put his home address on "My House by the Water", where he invites the listener to come over and have a cup of coffee with him. He later had to ask fans to stop coming to his house.