I CAN’T believe the letter from your correspondent on Saturday calling for buses, rather than cars, to be banned from the city centre as they cause more fumes. 

Car ownership in Glasgow is one of the lowest in Scotland

The city centre is clogged up with cars. 

If we had a fleet of modern, electric buses ferrying people in and out of the city centre for free, from park-and-ride hubs, this would contribute enormously to a more healthy city centre for future generations.

THE rock band Coldplay have climbed on the Climate Emergency bandwagon. 

Singer Chris Martin says they will not tour again until they can make their concerts environmentally friendly. 

Seems a bit late for that in view of their numerous world-wide tours churning out thousands of tons of emissions. But wait a minute I hope this does not catch on. 

Imagine the green zealots licking their lips and demanding that all entertainment is green taxed on the emissions created. 

Football, rugby, music festivals, firework festivals, festive lights and other public entertainment.

You think it would never happen? 

There are already calls to ban Christmas crackers –so when will a green zealot realise that hundreds of thousands of CO2 absorbing trees are being cut down for Christmas decorations. Bah Humbug.
Clark Cross 
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HOW accurate have the polls been in the last few years Labour set to lose only Glasgow MP, Paul Sweeney, poll suggests, ET online)?

I would hope more people would vote for Labour. 

The SNP are a shambles who are not fit for purpose. 

Hopefully people will read the party’s manifesto and see that Labour’s policies on paper seem the best for Scotland.
John James
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I AM intrigued by the article in last Thursday’s edition on 20mph speed limits. 

We already have a 20mph in parts of the city, including the city centre, which since being introduced has never been enforced to my knowledge, so how will this change and improve the roads system?

We now have the Avenue set up on Sauchiehall Street, which if the brain behind it actually came out the office especially after 6pm, when there are no traffic enforcement officers working, they will see just how much congestion the illegal parking is causing, especially Friday and Saturday nights.

This would mean seeing the scheme fail – as it does not directly affect them, who cares.
Sickened Glasgow citizen
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LABOUR have already had a chance in Scotland and they did a very poor job. 
Not that the SNP are doing better, but I don’t think people will be quick to forget the mess Labour made.
Tim Johnston
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THE poll is not specific to any particular constituency, but is based on figures for Scotland as a whole. I would hope Labour voters in Springburn and Rutherglen stay loyal to the two previous MPs who did a good job last term.
Gary Wilson
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HOW much more is the SNP government not telling us about this hospital (Whistleblower reveals 10 more cases of water contamination at crisis-hit Glasgow hospital, ET online)? 

You would not want to go into it if you can help it.
Jack MacDonald
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