THE SNP says its MPs will call for control of drug laws to be handed from Westminster to Holyrood to tackle an emergency.

It is expected that this year the number of drug related deaths will top 300 in Glasgow and 1200 across Scotland.

The party said its MPs elected next month will make a fresh push for the UK government to allow drug consumption rooms to be piloted in Scotland.

Alison Thewliss, SNP candidate for Glasgow Central, said: “We are facing a public health crisis in Scotland and current UK drugs law is not working– that’s the reality. We desperately need a fresh approach to tackle this issue head on but Westminster politicians continue to stand in the way of progress.  

“Devolve drugs law to the Scottish Parliament now so that we can step in and save lives before anymore are lost. Vote SNP next month and together we can build a better, more progressive Scotland that works for everyone.”

Meanwhile Labour said a Jermy Corbyn government could provide Scotland with the investment it needs to end the housing crisis.

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 Pauline McNeill, Scottish Labour’s housing spokeswoman,  said: “A decade of Tory cuts has left Scotland with housing provision which is not fit for purpose, with rising homelessness and many forced to rely on an exploitative private rented sector.

“Our £10 billion programme would see 120,000 social and council homes built in Scotland over ten-years, ensuring that everyone has a safe and affordable home.”

And the Tories hoped a plan to bring the football World Cup to Scotland, with matches likely at Hampden will attract voters.

The party said  Scottish Conservative MPs will push for the UK and Ireland to stage the 2030 football World Cup.

Derek Stillie a candidate in Aberdeen, and a former goalkeeper, said 

“Football is in Scotland’s blood. It’s part of our DNA and what better way to get a new generation involved in our national game than to see World Cup games being played on Scottish soil?”

“That’s why I’m delighted that our manifesto yesterday committed us to backing the 2030 World Cup bid. Bringing the World Cup to Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland is something we can all get behind.”

The Greens backed a four day week to help tackle climate change.

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater, said:“People can’t think about their carbon footprint when they are starving, but it isn’t the poor who are speeding up global warming. A celebrity millionaire has a carbon footprint of 10,000 times the average person.

“We urgently need to address this imbalance. For example, studies show a four-day week for a living wage would not only give people more quality of life and allow them more time with their family, but it would also improve productivity.