A LANDLORD who gave his tenants a Red Bull drinks cooler instead of a fridge has been warned by Glasgow councillors.

Aniss Ahmad was granted a restricted one-year extension to his house in multiple occupation licence for the West End flat after council officers made the discovery.

Councillor Rhiannon Spear said Mr Ahmad’s actions were a “huge red flag”.

“Why did you think it was acceptable for a Red Bull drinks cooler to be the only fridge in this flat?”

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He said he had the cooler in his shop and the Havelock Street home had needed something to keep items cool, adding there had been no complaints from the tenants. 

A council officer said the cooler was “inadequate”. The standard of management of the property was ruled “unsatisfactory” at the time of inspection.

In response to Ms Spear’s concerns, Mr Ahmad’s wife said: “It was just a short period to keep things cool. But a fridge obviously had to go in.”

The councillor said she was concerned a fridge hadn’t been put in until after the inspection.

There had also been issues with electricity and gas certificates however the council officer confirmed these have now been resolved.