THE saying a leopard never changes its spots is applicable to the Tory party, past and present. 

The current Tory regime, cowardly passed the buck on to the BBC to abolish the over-75s’ free TV licence, despite spending one hundred million pounds, on pointless advertising on Boris Johnson’s claim that we would be out of the EU by October 31, 2019. 

The decision to abolish the free TV licence could be a decision too far, which could cost the Tory Party the loss of thousands of votes throughout the country at the upcoming General Election

The BBC is currently informing people who are in receipt of the free TV licence, that it will end on May 30, 2020.
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THE recent personal attack by the Chief Rabbi on Labour leader Jeremy Corbin does nothing but add flames to the fire on this debate by politicising the situation.

Is the Chief Rabbi really asking us to believe that anti-semitic people only exist in the Labour party, and that it exists because of this one man?

It is the duty of everyone to attack any discrimination directed towards anyone whenever or wherever it exists, but do not use your argument to score political points as the timing of his statement clearly does.

I would be very interested to hear the Chief Rabbi comment on the behaviour of Benjamin Netanyahu in respect of his party’s constant refusal to obey International Law, does this make him a decent leader of Israel in the opinion of the Chief Rabbi?
Michael Tolland

DESPITE what might be said about how good foreign players are in Scottish teams, I often wonder  why they sign for the money paid in the Scottish leagues if they are so good (Brexit shortcuts could see SPFL clubs miss out on top players, Tuesday)?
John Wilson
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YOU will not help drug users by giving them more drugs (New medical heroin treatment centre ready to open in Glasgow, ET online). 
You don’t give someone with a drink problem more drink. Only the drug users can help themselves.
Jack MacDonald
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I AGREE with Catriona Stewart’s column in Tuesday’s Evening Times. Voting is vital and hope as many people as possible cast their vote.
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