He's not actually much of a rapper, but he is indeed very dapper, is Kean Kavanagh.

Probably one of the youngest headliners to wear a suit on a sold out stage at Dublin's Button Factory, Kean, who is 25 from County Laoise, is a long way away from the years where he imagined he would be a lawyer.

"I graduated with a law degree, but i'd never call myself a lawyer" laughs Kean.

"I'm doing now what I think I was always meant to be doing".

Accompanying Kojaque at his gig on Sunday in Glasgow's Garage, Kean will be once again behind the decks - a position that he's come to know very well in the past year.

Behind a set of decks isn't the only place that Kean has been spotted, though, , as he is a dab hand at many facets of a Soft Boy Records stage line up. This summer he has released a smattering of his own solo songs, as well as an album with jazz outlet Five To Two, and his work together Kojaque and Luka Palm.

Kean is an emblem of the musical future - an artistic chameleon, putting his skills to multiple genres without flinching.

"I'm working on a new project that will be out in the New Year, and we've just finished our first Christmas album with Five To Two.

"It sounds annoyingly vague, but I can't say much on next year's project - only because I might jinx it, and then it'll never happen. But all I know is that I'm going to hit 2020 hard".

And indeed, he is leaving 2019 out with bang, on an other UK tour.

"The last show in Glasgow was absolutely class" says Kean. "I'm hoping for more of the same, because that and our London show were our best. Glasgow was the smallest room, and everyone just went for it. They were giving it loads. I'd love if we had some more of that.

"I've been on the other side of it, with a normal 9 to 5 job, and I know that I never want to do that again" laughs Kean, remembering fond memories the reason he was wearing a suit on stage was because he was amidst a summer placement at a law firm.

“I was listening to a new album every day, devouring everything that I could find,” says Kean.

“Through that I was getting into labels, putting out music where I could see the connections between the artists, creating that kind of vibe. I just thought that was a really cool thing.”

A year on, Soft Boy Records is on the up and Kean on the way with it.

"This year has been mad - I'd love to find out how many gig's we've actually done. I've seen more of the inside of Dublin airport, more than I'd care to know.

"I know how lucky I am, though. Wouldn't go back for anything."