This is the incredible moment a seven-year-old boy brings a shopping centre to a standstill with a 'genius' piano display.

Nathan Lee stunned shoppers at intu Braehead with his rendition of Mozart's Turkish March on the centre's piano.

A crowd gathered around the instrument in the upper mall, and applauded little Nathan after faultless performances of Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov and All of Me by John Legend.

Nathan, from Glenburn in Paisley, has only been playing the piano and taking lessons for two years, but it has been enough for his pals at Glasgow Academy to dub him the King of Piano.

He was shopping with his parents, Ning and Eddie, who run the Kwang Tung Chinese restaurant in Paisley.

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And shoppers were quick to tell them just how brilliant he was.

One woman said: “That boy of yours – he’s a genius.”

Another man in the cafe told them: “That’s an amazing talent he has. I can’t believe he’s so young and can play the piano like that.”

A woman added: “I’ve never seen anything like it. The speed of his fingers going over the piano keys was mind-boggling and he’s so small his feet couldn’t even reach the ground when he was sitting on the stool.”

Nathan’s dad Eddie said: “We don’t know where he gets the talent to play the piano from because neither his mum nor I are very musical.

“We noticed Nathan liked the piano because when he was younger every time he passed a piano he wanted to try to play it. We decided to get him lessons and it’s just gone on from there.

“After about a year having lessons we began to realise just how good he was, as he was then able to play full tunes and he sounded great.

“At the start, nobody at his school knew he could play piano, but at the end of Primary One when all the children were to perform something, Nathan said he would play the piano.

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“That’s when we got a phone call from his teacher to say everybody was stunned how good he was. And then the older pupils started calling him King of the piano. We’re really proud of him.”

Eddie added: “We don’t know if he’ll go on to be a professional musician because although he can practise up to three hours some days, he says he wants to be a footballer when he grows up!”

Nathan’s piano teacher, Charles Dunn said: “Nathan has a rare musicality for his age and exciting potential. I also see a maturity in his playing, a remarkable enthusiasm and work ethic and he just loves performing

“He’s fantastic and I’m really proud of him.”