MY SCHOOL: As I’m in my 70s now, a lot of my memories of that time are sepia coloured, rather than vibrant. But my first school was St Luke’s in the Gorbals, where I recall dark classrooms but friendly teachers and sharing sweets with my best pal.

Later we moved to St Gerard’s in Govan which I loved, as there was a shop nearby that sold Tunnock’s biscuits that were too bashed to be packaged. Lunch time was heaven.

There were great teachers at St Gerard’s, and it had a curriculum that managed to include everything, in what was a very old building.

My high school was Lourdes Secondary. It was brand new and seemed vast and we were the first intake. It took me ages to get used to it - so many rooms, and I remember it was very bright with long corridors.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Miss Foxworthy was smashing. She wore a big gown that billowed as she came into the classroom at speed. She could have ruled Hogwarts, no bother at all.

She taught us French and Latin and was so energetic and passionate, she made you want to learn. I always looked forward to her lessons. Speaking French just seemed so grown up.

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SCHOOL DINNER, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? School dinners, it was too far for me to go home. I was a really picky eater but mince, stew and battered fish were fine.

There was a bit of a smell in the dining rooms and too many big boys that jolted your tray so I never found it a relaxing place to eat. I spent most of the lunch hour gabbing.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: I liked art – and I was disappointed I only had two sessions of that each week. A painting I did of the Barras got me selected to represent the school at a competition in Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

I loved English and reading, although my teacher Miss Mullen thought I was over dramatic when I read anything out loud. No change there…I loved making up stories and I remember writing a thriller called Murder at Fenton Manor. My sister was the only person who was allowed to read it.

In the school play, I never got lead parts. I think it was ‘third rock from the left....’

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: PE and sport. I had very thin legs so I got called ‘matchstick’ which was not pleasant.

Getting into shorts was hell and everyone else seemed to run faster, climb ropes higher and doeverything better than me.

I remember I was sent off the hockey pitch for being too aggressive though.

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BEST FRIEND: Winnifred and Ann Breen at school. I didn’t do parties outside school and lost touch with most when I left unfortunately.

Mary McCusker stars as Mrs Culfeathers in Tony Roper’s The Steamie at the Hydro, from December 27 to 31.