Cyclists should be banned from pavements

YOU recently reported an article on cyclists.

The council should ban them from pavements and pedestrian precincts unless there is a cycle lane or signs saying you can use it.

People get daily abuse if they ask them to go on the road but in time there is going to be a serious accident and then the council will have to take action.

I also know that the council has started electric bikes for rent.

We have these in town now with delivery couriers using electric bikes and some go up the wrong way on streets and on pavements.

Let the traffic wardens book them or the people who volunteer to do policing in the town and the police.

Once they get fined may be they will think twice on doing it but councils go after the drivers rather than cyclists who are easier to find and fine.



Notre Dame High School

GREAT news for equality (Notre Dame High to admit boys for the first time after council decision).

You can’t pick and choose these days.

Stephen Lyle

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GREAT to hear – finally equality. Happy for the kids and parents who have been fighting long and hard for this decision.

I can imagine there will be

ones not so pleased but hey

ho, that’s how the cookie


Skyler Harrison

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TRNSMT line-up

ORGANISERS can’t just be expected to sign 50/50 when there isn’t the same demand for the female artists at the moment. It’s not realistic (Nina Nesbitt hits out as TRNSMT boss defends line-up).

I’d imagine that the organisers are probably looking for a return on their investments, which they won’t get if they just hire loads of women that music fans, including women, aren’t really looking


Stewart Boyd

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NINA Nesbitt gave a free set in the middle of Glasgow that only a handful of people turned up for.

She should know better than most that it takes big names to sell tickets and there just aren’t that many about right now that TRNSMT punters would shell out for.


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Election 2019

FIRSTLY I am not on the voting register and haven’t been for well over a decade (Catriona Stewart: It’s the last day to register to vote – your ballot counts, Tuesday).

I deliberately do this as I have found that since doing this I no longer get hassled to do jury duty as well as staying off the snooping government radar.

The council send letters threatening to fine people if they don’t register – but it’s just scaremongering. How can they fine someone if they don’t even know who the person is and aren’t even sure who’s staying at the address. Secondly I don’t care about voting – they are all plonkers, albeit it some more than others.

And thirdly if I were to vote I would rather vote for a monkey in a zoo – they would probably be of more use than any of these deceitful politicians and rubbish political parties.

David Solomon

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I VOTED to stay in the UK and leave EU.

Looks like I was wrong both times – no point in me voting again.


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APATHY rules – good luck to all the gravy train seekers, but I don’t care who wins.

Ronnie Simpson

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I THINK the council really needs to get out to check up on our pothole-filled streets in Glasgow.

Some of the craters around the city centre are awful. Car garages must be loving this time of year!

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Black Friday

I’M sick of hearing about Black Friday. When will shoppers realise that so many of these so-called deals are just an absolute rip-off?




I THINK the city council has done a great job this year in George Square with its Christmas decorations.

It’s lovely to see all the families walking about and taking in the sights. It’s also ideal for tourists who are visiting Glasgow at this time of year.

Irene MacDonald


What Every Woman Wants

IT’S sad to see another famous old Glasgow store demolished with the What Every Woman Wants site being the latest one.

I remember going there as a child and being in awe of how big the store felt. I would love to see old pictures of the shop printed.

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