This is the first column of our new weekly Rant Alert. We open this up to readers to get whatever is bothering them off their chests. Sick of paying for Sunday parking? Feel Christmas starts too early? Rant away.

Today's ranter has a bone to pick with councillors about the Notre Dame High School decision yesterday. They voted to end the 120 year plus single-sex education at the Hillhead school and now it will open up to boys...

Glasgow Times:

I AM absolutely disgusted that councillors have agreed to allow boys in Notre Dame High School. 
I am a former pupil who travelled by Subway every day from the Gorbals to Hillhead for an education of a high standard, and I feel this is a huge loss to the city. 
I was taught in an environment where young women were given confidence and self-belief – and I am not sure I would be the professional I am today if it weren’t for my grounding at the school. 
I get the counter argument is if you want a single-sex education then you should pay for it but not everyone can – especially for a wee lassie from the Gorbals. 
I understand that there are desperate parents who want their boys to go from Notre Dame Primary to senior school. But the institution of Notre Dame High as an all-girls school has been in existence for more than 120 years – and despite creating a legacy of smart independent women that Glasgow can be proud of – councillors have gone against the status quo.
Notre Dame is a truly remarkable place where I learned the true value of acceptance. 
I mixed with so many people from different classes and ethnicities – and my education and understanding of culture has made me the person I am today.
Preventing a future generation of young Glaswegian women to experience what I did is a big mistake in my opinion.
My rant is over but I am truly gutted that this decision has been made. 
Us former Notre Dame girls will be a true legacy now, and a reminder of times gone by. 

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