Volunteers for a Glasgow charity braved freezing temperatures on Argyle Street on Saturday night to raise money to support the city's homeless population.

More than 30 people from across the city gathered in the city centre over the weekend to take part in a sponsored sleep out for The Halliday Foundation.

The event, which looks to have raise thousands of pounds, took place as temperatures in Glasgow dipped to -6°C, with those taking part reporting an inability to sleep due to the cold.

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According to those who spent the night on Argyle Street, the challenges facing Glasgow's homeless population on a nightly basis were laid bar.

Chris Halliday, chief executive of the charity, said: "It was absolutely amazing to raise awareness and see people engaging with us.

"It was a tough rough sleep on Argyle Street which truly put into perception what homeless people have to deal with on a daily basis.

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"My heart truly goes out to them all. I wish I could genuinely help every single person.

"The public were really shocked by what they were seeing."

The Halliday Foundation have now raised over £3,000 to help their weekly volunteering efforts in the city.

Groups from the charity regularly hand out clothes, sleeping bags, mats and even hand warmers to those sleeping rough.

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They say kit such as this will be vital for the survival of the street homeless over the cold winter months.

The charity's chief executive added: "I can't believe people manage to sleep in that.

"We need supplies for the winter and we will now be able top run training sessions for our volunteers.

"It is freezing and this money will help us buy what we need - sleeping bags, roll mats. They won't keep people comfortable but it is better than lying on the ground."