In 2014 I was a fresh faced activist, completely new to campaigning.

I had pushed myself to get involved knowing that the country I love was at stake.

The watershed moment for me was Alex Salmond loudly stating that ‘Scotland’s youth backs Independence’. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many Nationalists like to claim that the Summer of 2014 was ‘Peaceful & Joyous’.

For their side that may have been true but the sheer amount of abuse Better Together activists faced on the doorsteps and on the streets of our city was deeply concerning.

Family turning on family, friend turning on friend. It was an experience that broke our country in two and we should never go through an ordeal like that again.

It is with this in mind that we turn to the recent SNP Manifesto launch for the upcoming General Election.

They are promising to put this country through it all over again with another referendum.

Poll after poll has showed that Scots, whether they voted Yes or No, do not view this as a priority. They want their government to be focused on the issues that matter like improving our hospitals or increasing educational attainment.

The Labour Party have also promised similar, with two referendums to be held next year.

It is a deep shame that the party of Donald Dewar and John Smith has failed to stand up to the Nationalists and turned its back on our precious union.

Make no mistake, there is no safe tactical vote for the Labour Party in this election. As they have made clear, they are only too happy to go into coalition with Nicola Sturgeon.

There is only one safe unionist vote in this election and that’s one for the Scottish Conservatives.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of people on the doorsteps during this campaign and the message I am hearing is clear. People went to the polls and were told that it was a ‘Once in a Generation’ and ‘Once in a Lifetime event’.

They were told that their vote mattered.

I do not want to see this country go through another divisive referendum on an issue that was put to bed in 2014.

Let’s tell Nicola Sturgeon that the promise she made five years ago must be respected.

Let’s tell her to get back to the issues we all care about. Let’s tell her again.