FAMILY and friends who have lost loved ones gathered at a special service on Saturday.

The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice’s annual Light Up A Life appeal, supported by the Evening Times, gives people the chance to pay a touching tribute and raise vital funds for a good cause at the same time.

The service to mark this year’s appeal took place at Sherbrooke Mosspark Church on the south side of the city.

The names of those remembered are included in a special order of service and are printed on the opposite page.

Eddie MacFarlane, Richard Kelly, Nancy Callard, Bill Callard, Vera Murchie, Andrew Doran, Mary Doran, Anne Ritchie, Moira Elliot, Agnes Smith, Johnny Smith, Billy Galbraith, Lily Galbraith, Helen Parsons, Helen Stevenson, Nan Mulholland, John Mulholland, Agnes MacLeod, Alex MacLeod, George MacLeod, Granny Whyte, Grandpa Whyte, Jim Watt, Frank Watt, Bert Watt, Cathy Clark, David Clark, Beatrice Airth, Anne Aitken, Veronica O’Brien, James Timoney, Robert Hill, Alexander Patrick, Margaret Gray, Tommy Gray, Minnie McLeod, Hugh Thomson, Isabel Grieve, Helen MacFarlane, John MacFarlane, Robert Halkett, John Hannah, Declan Hannah, Vincent Hastie, Iain Liston, Anne Greig, Val Trotter, Irene Barrie, Matt Meikle, Mary Meikle, James Moore, Thomas Moore, Catherine McGinlay, Catherine Paton, Fergus Paton, Irene Campbell, Theresa McCarroll, Margaret McNamee, Patrick McNamee, Margaret Stevenson, John Stevenson, David Rocks, Alex Murray, Anne Kath George, Helen White, Alex White, May McLaughlin, Michael McLaughlin, Margaret McLaughlan, Alan Deeprose, Lina Camillo, Agnes Robertson, Charles Chesnet, Bob Crinean, Sheena Dinwoodie, James Donachie, Daniel Donachie, Evelyn Ferry, Jim Ferry, Helen McGarvey, Harry McGarvey, James Gallacher, Yvonne Davies, William Hay, Elizabeth Hay, Betty MacFarlane, Frances Dale, Thomas Kelly, Donnie Kennedy, Lena O’Flaherty, Effie Kennedy, Tommy Morrison, Elizabeth Lavelle, Michael Lavelle, Hugh Macadie, Allan McIntyre, Anne McIntyre, Shirley Sweeney, John Maxwell, Marjory Maxwell, Mary Ballantyne, John Ballantyne Snr, John Ballantyne Jnr, Maureen Ballantyne, Janet Wightman, John Hughes, Bob and Bel Currie, Frank and Jean Stewart, Agnes Dunlop, Mary Munn, Sheila Conn, Helen McKenzie Riley, James Lynch, Kim Gardner-Padden, Julie Buckley, David Curran, Rose Curran, Betty Croke, Margaret Watson, Rose Duffy, Chrissie Murphy, Bessie Capaldi, Victor Capaldi, “Maggie” May Moon, Richard McKirkle, Peter O’Donnell, Annie Hayes, Robin Tait, John Fenwick, Billy Patterson, Annie Lennox, Jimmy Lennox, Mabel Weston, Vivian Weston, Mary McIlroy, Stuart Bendall, Bert Finlayson, Betty Finlayson, Bill Bradshaw, Frank Dowds, Jean Bradshaw, Sally Dowds, Ann Furst, Chris McGovern, Doris McGovern, Danny McKay, Pat McKay, Raymond McKay, John Kelly, Ethel Kelly, Brian Kelly, George Muir, Maria Muir, Peter McLellan, David McWilliam, Phyllis MacFarlane, Norman AJ Pollock, Andrew McCrory, Martha McLaren, Elizabeth McKenna, Robert Reynolds, Elaine Brown, George Brown, Roubin Rosco, Tinkerbell, Margaret Bissett, Susan Clark, Stewart Milliken, Graeme Milliken, Marie Claire Orr, Maurice Dougan, Moira Eadie, Kenneth Fergus, Helen Fergus, Brian Forbes, Catherine Blakely, Elaine Blakely, Kim Veronica Gardner-Padden, John Gordon, Phyllis Gordon, Margaret Young, Ronnie Harrison, Philip Haswell, George Elder Howat, William Hunter, Alison Kewley, David Kewley, Hugh Wilson, Sophie Wilson, Stanley McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Alice Burns, Joseph Burns, John McMillan, Bridie McMillan, Tommy Muego, John Rigley, John Shalloo, McKenna Family, David Sim, Billy Irvine, George Morison, Billy McIlroy, Billy Docherty, Pauline Docherty, Gerard McCabe, Margaret Williams, Helen McBain, Margaret Barclay, Alison Boland, Noble Martin Bowers, Margaret Bowers Snr, Rose Bowers, Margaret Bowers Jnr, Ellen Burns, Johnny McGowan, Willie Carroll, Paul Finlayson, , Alana Finlayson, Alastair Forrow, Margaret Taylor, James Taylor, Christine Murdoch, Marion Campbell, Caroline Jack, Dave Holroyd, Robin Russell, Celia MacFarlane, Eddie MacFarlane, Albert Gibb, James Thomson, Maura Thomson, Joe McGloin, Liam McKenna, Jack McCoo, Jacqueline Morrison, Elizabeth Carrigan, Hugh Carrigan, Donald Thomson, Esther Thomson, James Hay Doleman Nisbet, Harry Price, John Price, John Greig, Margaret Greig, William Walton Reid, Ruby Robertson, George Winnie, Elizabeth Simpson, Helen Moffat, Mum and Dad Burnside, Mum and Dad Foster, Billy Greenlees, Edward Lauell, Nan Lauell, David Thomson, Mary Thomson, Bernard Thomson, Matthew Thomson, Frank Thomson, Bridget MacCormack, George MacCormack, Mari Allan, Mary McMurchie, Elizabeth Mullen, Mary Di Paola, Andrew Connell, Ms E.K. Stevenson, Isabel Heaney, Carol Ann Rhoddan, Eddie Daniels, Andrew Gordon Hurst, Anne M M Ide, Mil and Coz, Mum & Dad, Elizabeth McCabe, Brid McCormick, Connie McCormick, Dougie Reilly, Elizabeth Busby, William Busby, Joyce Busby, Cathie Elwood, Margaret Cook, Betty Cook, Hugh Taggart, Tom Murchison, Mary Murchison, Fiona Cherry, Chrissie Blair, Al Irwin, John Edwin, Clark Simpson, Dougie Mackie, James George Macpherson, Ian Rooney, Annie Park, James Park, James Trainer, Annie and William Watson, Mark Williamson, Anne Wright, Diana McCann, Phyllis Ellis, David McWilliam, Bill Taggart, Lorraine Barrie, Anna Kelly, Irene Galasso, Angela Margaret Johnstone, John Lalley, Irene Balkin, Sheena Brydson, Julie Scott, Beth Stark, Stewart Coulter, James McCash Smith, Alexandrina Smith, Alistair Smith, Alan Tangny, Irene French, George Gibbons, Deborah Anne Johnstone, Terrance Brian Kelly, Gerald Kelly, Mary Kelly, Sandra Kerr, Henry McKelvie, Jim Murray, Susan Eadie Purdie, John Walker, Carole Anne Wheelan, Frank Marsh, Bill Marsh, Paul Drummond, Aggie Drummond, Gilbert Drummond, Kim Drummond, James Shearer, Ellen Shearer, Jennifer Henriksson, Ian Neeson, Janet Cumine, Archie Bannerman, Elizabeth McGinlay, Stewart Murray, Margaret Walker, James Janice, Calum Richardson, Laura McLean, Agnes Urie, David O’Neill, Jack Painton, Elizabeth Walsh, Linda Abdulaziz, Lori Spiers, Chrissie Wright, Jose McNeil, Brendan McGuinness, Robert Cowie, Susan Arundel Fyfe, Kathleen and George Walsh, Sadie Allison, Mae Gallagher, Mary Pillans, Thomas Pillans, Edward Pillans, Paul Noone, Phil McCaherty, Mary McCaherty, Hannah Louise Boyce, Robert McLoughlin, Rose McVicar, John McVicar, Anna Kenney, Frank Henderson, Ronald Greenhill, Joan Sharp, Sam Robinson, Chris and Grace Howell, Nora and Paddy Roarty, Alec and Minnie Ferns, Tommy, Robert and Alexander Ferns, Bill Smith, Myra McKernan, Rosemary Higgins, Gerry McGinley, Sam Millar, Diana McCann, Peter Bingham, David and Sarah, Dick and Jess, Eddie MacFarlane.