SURELY the time has come to get rid of the flawed expenses system and replace it with a one size fits all flat rate pay structure (Former Glasgow Lord Provost Eva Bolander to repay just a quarter of expense claims, Friday)?

Going further I think terms in office should be limited to no more than two and finally our elected representatives would not be allowed to take on the usual

six jobs on the side that clearly create a conflict of interest.

If the suggestions above were to be implemented then surely we’d get a better spread of people from differing backgrounds rather than the gravy train chancer-type roles of officialdom they so often seem to attract.

Then again turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, do they?
Steven Park
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WITH regards to the article on Scottish history (How Glasgow battle was much more than a footnote in Scottish history, Thursday), it was a fantastic read.

I’m looking forward to the next articles. Well done.
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HISTORY is full of ifs and buts, if James IV had decided not fight at Flodden, then Scotland could have became a great independent nation, and remained that way, none of the above would have happened

James V would have probably became another great king instead of dying at 30 – no reformation, no joining of the unions under James VI, no gunpowder plot, civil war glorious revolution etc.
Douglas Wesley Calbert
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THERE needs to be a better plaque commemorating this game placed on the Clubhouse at the WOS Cricket ground (Scotland v England: Famous first for Glasgow football – 147 years ago this month).

A very small plaque stuck 20ft up a wall is totally inappropriate for the world’s first international match.
Gary Wilson
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WELL done to the Old Firm sides for their form in the Europa League this season.

It’s not often that you see both Glasgow sides performing to such a high standard against European sides.

Clubs are realising that Rangers and Celtic aren’t pushovers anymore in Europe.
J Wright