Your article in the Evening Times on November 29, regarding an operation in a car park, prompts me to write that eight weeks ago, I was operated on in the so-called trailer in the car park in the Golden Jubilee.

I would just like to say, especially when the hospital down the road is getting so much stick, that I was treated by very professional and competent staff, from the porter to the surgeon.

And I would also like to point out the trailer in the car park is a very hi-tech piece of equipment which sorted my heart problem out in no time. Well done, NHS.
Billy Macdonald

The SNP manifesto has no proposals to raise income tax, corporation tax, fuel duty, sugar taxes, alcohol taxes or in fact any taxes, but they call for huge increases in public spending. They are cruelly pretending to the voters that you can have better services and low taxation.
Tracey Thonas
via email

The SNP don’t really want another independence referendum They want the cosy martyrdom of getting slapped down by tyrannical southerners. That keeps ardent nationalist voters onside.

If the SNP wanted a referendum they would force it with a petition. Officials of the UK Parliament would even host the petition for them, and run it electronically with no doorstepping or foot-leather needed It takes 100,000 signatures to force a debate at Westminster. Would Westminster slap down a petition bearing two million signatures? They might, but it wouldn’t be a quiet week at Westminster or in Scotland. The demand would be morally undeniable.

Now my trick question. How exactly could a national decision for independence be reversible? What would oblige the UK to accept Scotland’s return? One partner can leave the other, but it takes two to reconsider. Or do we sentence England to UnionRef every seven years to balance the everlasting IndyRef? A contractual right to return in the treaty of secession? Who could grant that? It’s no use stepping out and looking back both at once I’m a Unionist who has never been hostile to independence if the people want that. All the arguments are guesswork, and unnecessary because independence and union are issues of desire alone.

Breaking up is hard to do, but the break with Europe is too squalid and wrong to accept.
Tim Cox
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IN response to Euan Blockley’s column, (Evening Times, December 2) we have already sent a message to the SNP, by overwhelmingly voting for them.
Mark Blanshard
Posted online

The SNP can do plenty wrong. But I’ll take them over the destructive Tories any day of the week. Boris Johnson is a man who has been sacked for lying in two previous jobs, and he continues to lie in every debate he bothers to turn up to.

He has been promoted well above his level of competency and if you think electing him as PM again will benefit this country then I’ve got a garden bridge to sell you.
Ross Nicholson
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