A DESIGNER outfit has gone viral after it was likened to something Still Game character Tam Mullen would wear. 

The £345 Polo Ralph Lauren look was picked up by quick-witted Tweeter @mclovespizza who compared it to the character known for being tight with his money.

In the hilarious Tweet, @mclovespizza joked: "£345 to look like Tam Mullen."

The joke went viral with actor Mark Cox, who plays Tam in the hit BBC series, simply replying, "Haaaa!"

He added: "I wear it much better, Ralph Lauren."

@mclovespizza then joked: "New York, Paris, Craiglang".

Johnny Robertson said: "Even Tam wouldn't pay that amount."

Fiona Keeble added: "What goes around comes around. Tam definitely wore it best and cheaper. A fool and their money eh?"

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