This year has proven, in all capacities, that there is a certain clout behind young people's voices.

No one knows this better than the young members behind Our Future Our Choice, the movement that is encouraging young people to become politically active, and campaigning for a second 'People's Vote' on the EU Referendum.

So far, co-directors of the Scotland branch Joe Meighan, 25 and Rebecca Coleman-Bennet, 22, from Glasgow, have taken their time out of university to travel up and down the country to encourage as many young people as they can to get involved - from Glasgow to Banff, Moray and Aberdeenshire.

"There are 13 constituencies that are Conservative, so we decided to visit them and back the SNP candidates and raise awareness of tactical voting in those seats" says Joe. "The SNP are the only party in Scotland that can unseat the Conservatives, and maybe change the outcome of the EU referendum."

In the weeks since this month's general election was called, Rebecca and Joe have had major successes in the political youth circuit.

Their social media videos encouraging young people to register to vote were viewed over 30,000 times, perhaps having a major reflection on the 650,000-strong registrations in the final days of the deadline.

The two also started a Crowdfunder to pay for them to travel the country, which smashed its £10,000 target in two days and is now peaking at £20,000.

To Joe and Rebecca, changing the outcome of the Brexit referendum is the key to young people's futures.

"Basically, we think that Brexit has taken precedence over whether a person is unionist or nationalist - we are supporting a tactical voting initiative to keep Britain, and young people, in Europe" explains Joe.

"Leaving the EU cuts off so many opportunities that other generations before us have enjoyed. We are talking about Erasmus, about being able to living and working throughout the European Union. Generations before us have enjoyed this, and it's so unfair that we don't get to enjoy that either.

"The youngest generations are going to be the hardest hit, in terms of service sector jobs and the shrinking economy."