My school: I went to St Conval’s Primary School in Pollokshaws. It was an old building, maybe Victorian, but it had a new part built on which was more open plan.

I remember it being a real mix of the old and the new, and while some teachers were young and friendly there were some others who had been there forever and they were completely terrifying.

Favourite teacher: I had a primary school teacher called Mrs McBride whom I loved. She was very theatrical and maybe should have been an actress. She was a great teacher and had a good sense of humour but she did not stand for any nonsense.

I remember her reading out one of my homework stories one day. It was full of fantasy and glamour and I recall her smirking at my vivid imagination.

School dinner, packed lunch or home? My mum would walk up to meet me at lunchtime then walk me back after lunch as well as the before and after school. I remember banana or spam sandwiches that my mum made or there was a bakery near our home so sometimes it would be a sausage roll or a bridie and a bit of millionaire’s shortbread.

I’m now vegan but as a kid, I remember it was a great treat.

Favourite subject: My favourite subject at school was definitely music. I’ve always loved singing and this started at a young age.

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Least favourite subject: Maths was my least favourite as I found it really hard. Whenever I was supposed to be concentrating on what the teacher was telling us, I would stare into space a lot and sing songs in my head to relieve the boredom.

My best friend at school was: Marie Caldwell and we lost touch for many years but she contacted me recently when she came to see ‘The Real Hoosewives...’ at the Pavilion.

It was so great to see her and she hadn’t changed a bit! She was a really sensible and practical kid whereas I was the all singing and dancing one.

We were very different but had a good friendship.

If I could change anything from my school days …I wish I could have been a bit more confident. I was a bit shy and unsure of myself and sometimes I still am.

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Alyson Orr , who is one third of The Swingcats jazz harmony trio, appears in The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns, Gillian Duffy’s romantic comedy featuring the songs and poetry of Robert Burns, in January and February at various venues around Scotland.

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