Brucie the Bear returned to the Beatson yesterday to remember where the Christmas journey began.

As we wrote last month in The Glasgow Times, Brucie the Bear was the work of Murray McBlane, 54, who wanted to commemorate the life of his sister-in-law, Debbie McBlane, who passed away in the Beatson last year.

After he wrote a song called 'Brucie the Bear', which has taken the west of Scotland by storm, Murray is now accompanied by a real life Brucie and his dancing trope of the West Coast Line Dancers when performing.

So far, they have performed at the Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Ayr Christmas lights switch on, as well has having stints on Glasgow's Buchanan Street and in Edinburgh all in the name of raising funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Yesterday, Brucie and his posse returned to where it all began in the Beatson.

Vicky, Kirsy and Lindsay were the ward nurses that cared for Debbie, alongside nurse Gillian Higgins and the now infamous Dr. Bruce

"Debbie was awesome" said Vicky. "The laughs we had, and the stories she told about her family... she was an absolute diamond. She was so cheerful and loved her family.

"We always remember Debbie in here."

"What Debbie was faced with would have made it easy to be down and negative but she brightened our day" added Lindsay. "When you say 'Debbie', there is no doubt that everyone remembers her."

"If Brucie the Bear got to the Christmas number one, it would be amazing" said Vicky.

The ward nurses even did the Brucie line dance which accompanies the song. All money raised from the song goes to the Beatson Cancer Charity and hospice.