It was a dreich day in Glasgow's city centre yesterday, but there was one man that felt on top of the world despite the weather.

William James Graham, who is 33 from Bridgeton, was the first to find the Glasgow Times Key of the City - and bag himself the £500 prize.

"I'm absolutely over the moon. I can't believe that I've won it" he told the Glasgow Times.

Like many others, William followed the clues posted on our social media sites and found himself making his way to the Trongate, where the Glasgow Times team was waiting with one of the city keys.

It wasn't an easy find, though - for those who know Glasgow well, they will know that there are three clocks in the Trongate area - the Trongate steeple, the Tolbooth Steeple and a clock just behind The Tolbooth pub.

A crowd of people were eagerly waiting for our arrival, but William and another man were the first ones to reach us.

Although both were handing us their paper, we asked them to answer one question without the help of Google: when was the Tolbooth steeple built?

William was the closest to answer - although he couldn't believe how far off he was, giving his answer '1901'.

The Tolbooth Steeple was actually built in 1626, and the Tolbooth housed the Glasgow Council Chambers until 1814, when the council sold the Tolbooth building and moved to Jail Square in the Saltmarket, before eventually moving to the current City Chambers in George Square.

It is one of the oldest buildings in the city. With the correct answer, £500 was in William's bag, as was his key to the city.

"I'm going to put some towards my dog's vet bill" said William.

"He's not very well just now and it would be a great help to pay some of it. I'm going to save the rest of it for Christmas presents."

William's journey to the Trongate was an interesting one indeed.

"I had a trapped nerve and I was in the hospital this morning for an appointment.

"I had seen the competition on the website last night but I took the paper with me to my appointment and it was when I was reading the paper in the hospital I realised how close I was to where I thought it would be.

"I knew it was this clock. It's an old clock, in one of the oldest parts of town with lots of traffic - it was obvious to me.

"But there are actually three clocks in this area, so I had thought that I would take a walk down and chance it.

"I'm glad that I did now. What a good surprise."

If you were one of the unlucky ones that missed out on today's Key of the City - fear not.

The Glasgow Times team will be giving away four more keys to the city, from today until Saturday.

All you need to do to win your key, and the £500, is follow our clues on our social media pages - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - and buy the paper.

The first one to find us today will get the £500 and their key, so long as they bring their paper and answer the special question correctly.

Good luck!