I NOTE the Health Care Board opening a £1.2million shooting gallery in Glasgow, with £300,000 going to the evaluation of the project, backed by councillors and MSPs.

Will the evaluation consider: the consultation with the local community of its location, the additional cost to police resources and if the level of crime went up? I also note it has a target of 20 addicts being assisted in the first year.

The Health Board calculates money will be saved in respect of admissions to accident and emergency services.

I calculate £60,000 being given to each individual, not including the evaluation of the project.

The project is being all exclusive for drug addicts only and doesn’t take into consideration the amount of alcoholics dying.

There were 1136 alcoholic-specific deaths in 2018 (where alcohol was the underlying cause of death) – an increase of 16 (1.4%) more than in the previous year.

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HOW many more letters have to be written by the taxpayers about the state of our city?

I refer to the Council’s ineptitude of maintaining our streets, lighting, road markings, traffic lights and the disgusting litter that blights the majority of streets in Glasgow.

Why do we tolerate this poor standard by the Council when we pay for its services? Services that are not being met. As I write, the bulb on one of the lampposts in my street has been out since August. A number of people have reported the problem and have all been told that it takes up to six

weeks to replace a bulb. Six weeks? In the meantime, the problem has not been attended to.

Isn’t it the job of the Council to ensure that we not only drive on roads of an acceptable standard, that we can walk along well lit streets feeling safe, that we have traffic lights in good working order, that we can walk on pavements without the danger of tripping on uneven paving slabs, but also not

have to wade our way through litter and dog mess?

The complaints must be falling on deaf ears because I don’t see any improvement whatsoever around out city. And as far as the city centre is concerned, where do I start?



JUST a thought, but following the latest storm Brendan, I lost count of the number of discarded, broken umbrellas lying around the streets.

Maybe there’s a gap in the market for recycling them, as so many are wasted from single usage only,in this throw-away society we live in.

Jill Ferguson

Via email