HOW sad and tragic but something good has come from something

so heartbreaking (Heartbroken family raise £40k after mum dies from sepsis, Thursday).

It’s frightening the number of people dying from sepsis every year in Scotland and here’s hoping that a cure or better treatments are found for this shocking illness as it really is an illness on the increase and the more awareness is raised the better it will be to reduce the numbers contracting it.

JP B2019

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IT’S all about the choices you make (Glasgow’s ‘unacceptable’ life expectancy gap revealed in latest figures, Thursday).

Tonight I can buy a fish supper, a packet of cigarettes, and sit in front of the telly all night, or I can eat a salad, drink a glass of water and go for a run.

The first will likely reduce my life expectancy, the second likely to keep me healthy and living longer.

The first one costs more money, the second less. The first one increases my risk of needing a foodbank or being unable to put the heating on, the second less.

The first increases my risk of needing the NHS for ill health for longer, the second lessens the risk.

There is no-one that doesn’t know that. I don’t think nanny state can fix this. It’s an established ingrained mindset.

Carol Daly

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WELL done to It Is On for the Social Bite fundraiser to help the homeless at Christmas (ET online, Thursday).

We need to help others at this time of year, and this will certainly play a huge part in ensuring people don’t go hungry over Christmas.



GOVANHILL was a nice area once (90% of Glasgow’s banned landlords have Govanhill link, Thursday).

Now it’s a complete dump, just look at the windows, no excuse not to have a pair of Ikea curtains instead of a dirty sheet pinned up. Its just clatty.

Nick Duncan

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I’M loving the new list of restaurants featuring in the Glasgow Times.

It’s great to have ideas for new places to go for dinner.

Keep up the good work.

L Anderson


LET’S wait till we win the league before we give extended contracts to Stevie Gerrard and the players mentioned (Steven Gerrard committed to the Rangers cause as he gets set to sign new Ibrox deal, Thursday).

After all we surely can’t reward players and managers for failure. Plus we have no

resale value to the players mentioned,

which will run into millions of pounds in wages we ain’t never getting back.

Stephen Hart

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WITH regards to the death of former Celtic player Ian Young, I was there in 1965 to witness the emergence of a historic era. Ian was part

of that making of history.

My thoughts, prayers and commiserations go out to Ian’s family.

He was, is and always will be remembered in the history of Celtic, he will never walk alone.

Tom McArdle

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I’M sick of constant M8 closures at night during the week.

There really needs to be more advanced warnings for motorists to ensure they know whether to leave at an earlier cut-off.

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I AGREE with Mike Dailly in his column this week about Glasgow’s lack of festive spirit.

I also think the ice rink in George Square is a big miss for families and visitors who come into the city centre at this time of year. The city has nothing to attract families to visit during the Christmas period, and the same can be said about Hogmanay.

I used to love coming into town to go to the Hogmanay Party in George Square.

There’s no point now even bothering with city centre on Hogmany as it’s like a ghost town.

It’s time to bring back the ice rink for George Square and reintroduce the Hogmanay Party.

R Lindsey

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