A GLASGOW family whose eldest daughter was born with a complex, incurable heart problem have raised a staggering £100,000 to help other children battling serious health problems.

Scarlett Dougan, 7, suffers from hypoplastic right heart syndrome, where the right side of the heart is under-developed, affecting the flow of oxygen around the body.

Most babies with this condition are diagnosed before birth but Scarlett’s condition wasn’t discovered until she was more than four months old.

She needed major surgery and has had a number of other operations. There is currently no cure for Scarlett’s condition and she may require a heart transplant when she’s older.

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After her diagnosis the family set up the Scarlett Fund and have now raised £100k for the British Heart Foundation and the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity through events including Scarlett’s Ball.

This year, Scarlett herself was one of the speakers at the event and told the audience:“The Scarlett Fund is important because in the future I hope that my heart will be better and I won’t need operations.”

The family is backing the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland’s fundraising Christmas Wish campaign which is focussed on research.

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Scarlett’s mum Nichola said: “It’s not until your family faces such a frightening situation that you fully appreciate the hard work and dedication of medical staff, and of the scientists who are trying to find new treatments and cures.”

Every month in Scotland, around 25 babies are diagnosed with a heart defect.

David McColgan, BHF Scotland’s Acting Head, said: “Stories like Scarlett’s inspire and drive us to make more discoveries and keep more hearts beating.

"With your help this Christmas, we can help grant the wishes of families like the Dougans across the country by funding more research.”

To make a donation visit bhf.org.uk/christmas