AS a New Zealand citizen, I am sure that citizens from many Commonwealth countries have a strong affection for Scotland, not only your lovely scenery, but also your culture, including Scottish clans, tartans, pipe bands etc.

We are also aware that while the UK does not have a federal system like Australia, it does still allow internal Scottish, Welsh and Northern Island Parliaments whereas England does not have its own English parliament but relies on the overall UK Parliament.

However, recently there have been many discussions among my New Zealand colleagues about your SNP wanting a referendum for Scottish independence.

In our view, this would be an absolute catastrophe for Scotland and will also have detrimental effects to other Commonwealth countries.

Several Commonwealth countries include the Union Jack on their flags. If Scotland were to leave the wonderful UK, the Union Jack would change with the probable removal of the Cross of St Andrew thereby affecting the flags of several other Commonwealth countries.

Also, would this mean that Scotland would forego the Monarchy and become a Republic?

I sincerely hope Scottish citizens will appreciate that irrespective of Brexit, they will be better off with Scotland, as part of the Island of Great Britain, remaining in the UK. While many Commonwealth Citizens love Scotland, this could well change should they make the huge mistake of voting for independence and not appreciating the overall ramifications.

Stuart Andrews


CONGRATULATIONS to Jackie Bole, who deservedly won the Glasgow Times and City Building room makeover competition.

This was a truly heartwarming story and her work with the East End Flat Pack Meals charity is inspirational.

People like Jackie are the salt of the earth and give lie to the folk who say there is no community anymore. Well done.



I WAS utterly appalled at the disgustingly cruel and crass behaviour of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on learning that Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson had lost her seat in the General Election.

There is great admiration for Ms Sturgeon as ‘an impressive leader’ even from those who do not support her party or policies, and even from many people south of the border.

I believe she has now well and truly cancelled out much of that veneration by her undignified and unbecoming conduct on Friday morning.

Judi Martin

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DR Kirshan is absolutely correct about the elderly being lonely (Dr Punam Krishan: Technology is ruining our human connections, Friday).

This is very sad, especially when their family doesn’t bother with them and their elderly friends have passed away.

Sam T

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SO the pro-independence people haven’t got what they want and think that the best way to change this is to create a big disruptive parade that will cause traffic chaos (Glasgow to see independence march in January under ‘exceptional political circumstance’, ET online)?

Do they think Boris Johnson will see that and immediately bow to their demands?

Attention seeking disguised as a political cause.

Martin Boots

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I HOPE the council will do something about the potholes on Red Road, which I face every day when I go on the No57 into the city centre. They’re a disgrace.

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