MAGNETIC, marvellous Marlene Dietrich made the front page of the Evening Times - of course - when she came to Glasgow on November 7, 1966.

“Wearing a wild mink sports coat and matching mink tammy, the fabulous Marlene Dietrich arrived at Glasgow Airport today,” cooed our reporter, adding that the “ageless Miss Dietrich wouldn’t reveal her age”.

“I’m not so terribly old,” she told the waiting news reporters. “The press always like to make you older than you really are.”

She added: “I’m always the last passenger to get out of passport control. My age is on my passport, for everyone to see – and everyone wants to see it.”

The glamorous actor, who was in town for her one-woman show at the Alhambra Theatre, was presented with a tartan doll at the airport by Mosspark Primary pupil Iain Robertson, age 7, son of the Alhambra’s assistant manager John.

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The Times review of the show the next day was full of praise.

“Almost 2000 people packed the Alhambra Theatre last night to welcome Marlene Dietrich, the legend – and stayed to give a great artist a tremendous, heartfelt ovation,” said the reviewer.

“A complete artist, to the tips of her beautifully manicured fingernails, Miss Dietrich stands on the stage without a prop and only a curtain for background and completely captivates her audience.

“She needs no props, no artifice.

“She looks around the theatre with almost savage disdain, as if to say, ‘I’m Dietrich, who are you?’”

Backed by a 20-piece London orchestra, Ms Dietrich performed a selection of her best known songs, including Lili Marlene, The Blue Angel and Falling in Love Again.

The Herald, our sister newspaper, noted: “Perhaps her sad songs are the best. There is more feeling, certainly, when she sings of the follies of love and war; and that was when she reduced her listeners to complete silence, a rare feat in a Glasgow theatre.”

Marlene Dietrich’s film career began in 1930 with The Blue Angel, the first of several films she made with the director Josef von Sternberg.

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She went on to star in Witness for the Prosecution, Touch of Evil and many more.

She made her debut as a cabaret singer in 1954 and over the next two decades she toured the world, frequently accompanied by Burt Bacharach.

After breaking her leg iin Sydney in 1975, Ms Dietrich retired from showbusiness.

She died of natural causes on May 6, 1992 in Paris, at the age of 90

Ms Dietrich had appeared in Edinburgh in 1964 alongside Bacharach at the Lyceum, as part of the Edinburgh Festival.

At the Alhambra in 1966, The Herald spoke to her long-serving stage manager and her lighting man, who recalled one London show, where the post-show, stage-door crowd wouldn’t let the star get to her car.

She rang Scotland Yard from a call-box.

“This is Marlene Dietrich”, she announced. “And I’m Shirley Temple,” replied the desk sergeant.

But after two minutes, two squad cars were on their way.

Legend has it that Ms Dietrich sang I Belong to Glasgow while standing on top of her limo after her the Alhambra show.

If only someone had a photograph of that….

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