A second independence referendum is coming, Nicola Sturgeon said as she sent a letter and document to Boris Johnson seeking the powers to hold it.

The First Minister said that she expects a “flat no” from the Westminster Tory Government however, she said “that is not the end of the matter”.

Ms Sturgeon said: "The more the Tory Government seeks to block it the more support for independence will rise. They are sowing the seeds of their long term defeat.

Ms Sturgeon set out what she called a “detailed case” for Scotland to have the powers to decide its own future.

She said “I’m not simply firing off a letter. I’m publishing a detailed case.

As such, she said the UK Government has a duty to give it careful and detailed consideration.

However, regardless of the answer from Boris Johnson Ms Sturgeon said there will be another independence referendum.

She said: “To use the colloquialism, dogs in the street know there’s going to be an independence referendum.”

The detailed case in the document ‘Scotland’s right to choose’ is based on three principles.

First, Ms Sturgeon, said “It is rooted in the principle of self-determination”.

Secondly, she said: “There has been a material change in circumstances” since Scotland voted no in 2014 with the UK now leaving the EU.

And third, she said there is a democratic mandate, strengthened by the election result last week.

The case is also heavily focused on Scotland’s nationhood.

In the document it states that Scotland is a nation in a voluntary union of nations not a region in a larger unitary state.

Ms Sturgeon said: “We are today therefore calling on the UK Government to ensure a transfer of power is made from Westminster to Holyrood to that a fresh independence referendum is put beyond legal challenge.”