EAST END author Angela Proctor gets ideas for her stories from all kinds of places.

But her festive poem, Arthur’s Christmas Tale, is the first one to be inspired by a suggestion from her young readers.

“During Book Week Scotland I met a bunch of fantastic young people keen to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people,” explains Angela.

“They were getting ready to hold their own event as part of Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out and they asked me if I could write a book about homelessness and kindness.”

She laughed: “I couldn’t manage a whole book, but I did write a short poem. I was so moved by their passion.

“This year, I visited 55 schools and I have been totally blown away by the generosity and kindness shown by our children who have raised thousands for many causes, including Refuweegee, Malawi Leaders of Learning and the Beatson.”

Arthur’s Christmas Tale is the story of a little homeless pug whose act of kindness melts the heart of Jack Frost.

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“The moral of the story is that we should all be kind,” says Angela, who writes the Thumble Tumble stories as AH Proctor. She tried out her finished poem on pupils at St Francis of Assisi Primary in Baillieston, with the help of co-stars Shea Morris, Olivia McCormack and Callum McAvoy.

“It was a great morning,” smiles Angela. “Shae visits homeless shelters every second weekend and she will be doing her rounds this Christmas Eve – she is a wee trooper. Olivia's school football team supports Help the Homeless Glasgow and Callum has been working tirelessly to collect for local food banks. These kids, like so many more in Glasgow and around Scotland, are unsung heroes.

“They don’t need an excuse or a reason to be kind and they don’t ask for recognition or thanks – they just do it. I am extremely proud of them all – they make me believe there really is a little magic in the world.”