ALL the things you say is wrong with the Labour party... take a bow, Frank McAveety, (Evening Times, December 20) because you played your part in that.

It doesn’t seem so long ago you were hiding in your Chambers office refusing to deal with striking female employees who had been underpaid for years under a labour administration an administration you were leader of for some time. I would imagine you will be out on your ear at the next local elections as people have long memories.

So save your breath, your gravy train is coming to an end. Time for a real job.

Ryan Bowman

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I wonder if other areas of Glasgow have a similar problem to one we have here in the Barmulloch/Balornock area. Due the recent heavy rain, there are massive puddles as drainage has not been cleaned out for years. The cold weather has meant this water freezing over. I watched as many elderly residents at a sheltered housing complex were imprisoned as they tried to negotiate their way around these skating rinks – and the winter has hardly started.

This is the direct result of little or no preventative maintenance programmes for years, weeds growing in gutters and not being removed. The quality of life for Glasgow’s residents is worsening by the year. As usual though, nothing will be done about it.



IT just goes to show how deluded and brainwashed some people can get. The Tories won seats in a lot of mining villages, the people there said “It’s because we didn’t trust Jeremy Corbyn”, yet they put their trust in the very party that closed down all the mines.

I don’t see a very bright future for the country with this mainframe thinking from the electorate. Britain is broken, and it will take a very special magic wand to fix it I’m afraid. PS Boris doesn’t have the said wand.

Richard Low


CHRISTOPHER Harkins sounds like a sleazebll, the sort of man who is every woman’s nightmare (Tinder swindler duped second victim, December 20).

If only his victims didn’t make it so easy for him, though.

No matter how charming someone might seem, it’s a big risk to had over large sums of cash when you’ve only just met them.

Sad to say, with creeps like Harkins in the world, it pays to be just a little wary.



Police Scotland in chaos – blame the chief of police.

Kids dying in new flagship hospitals – blame the health board.

Nationalised ship yard needs anther £100million of public money to survive, guy running it blames the SNP – SNP blame the same guy... the most successful Scottish businessman ever.

Anything else that has gone wrong since the SNP came to power – blame Westminster and/or the BBC.

A clear theme, unless you’re a Nat and you’ve just caught another bout of Nat blindness.

Johnstone Smyth

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I note that when Shirley-Anne Somerville gets her point across that the welfare system is broken and condemns the UK government for failing to fix it (Glasgow Times readers help 5000 people with ‘Bank On Us’ foodbank campaign, December 20) she forgets to say that the SNP were given devolved power to take over the welfare system and that the SNP in fact delayed it.

So it would be good to know when the SNP are going to get the finger out and introduce the powers they were given at the referendum for independence instead of fighting for a second referendum.

It’s laughable.

Margaret Hislop

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