NOT content with falling standards in the NHS, Education and Police Scotland and the unbudgeted cost to taxpayers of Prestwick Airport £40million, plus the extra £99m needed to complete the CalMac ferries contract and an IT system for Disclosure Scotland, this SNP government now wants to run Scotland’s railways.

Add on the emerging and costly multi-million problems at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Sick Kids facility in Edinburgh, it is obvious the Scottish Government cannot be trusted with a model railway far less the real thing.

Clark Cross

Via email

HOW dare one of your correspondents refer to the film Braveheart as ‘extremely anti-English’.

How was any film about the Scottish Wars of Independence to be made without showing the cruelty of the English armies to the Scots?

Does your correspondent not know about the slaughter of the citizens of the Scottish town of Berwick upon Tweed by The English king Edward’s army

Maybe the writer thinks Scotland’s history didn’t begin. until 1707.

David Sutherland

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WITH regards to your correspondent’s letter in Friday’s Glasgow Times on an attempt for a second referendum.

I sometimes wonder if Nicola Sturgeon is just waiting for

Boris Johnson to give her full control of Scotland (God help

us) IF she agrees to stay in the UK.

I would suggest that a better offer, for all us, would be to grant her a referendum with the caveat that if the people vote to stay in the UK, then she does the “honourable” thing and resigns to let the government get on with doing what she should have been doing for the past five years – giving

us a better standard of living!


East Kilbride

CAN I say with regards M A, from Glasgow’s letter regarding drains not being cleaned, I worked for a west of Scotland council some years ago (I was tasked with, alongside other duties, as a car park attendant at the said council).

It was around autumn when the leaves were beginning to drop from the trees, I was attending the car park (staff car park) when out came a member of staff (a senior member) from the environmental department.

He said hello, then he asked me if I thought it would rain. I said, ‘not too sure, but who knows’.

He then said, I hope it does’. I asked why and he said ‘because that will wash all the leaves that fall of the trees down the drains and it will then be a roads departments problem.

So M A, what chance do we have when a public service will not work together?

Jim Tees

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IT’S great that this guy has taken the steps to do this (Clothing left on Glasgow bridge to help those who need it the most in the city, ET online).

London’s done it, Belfast has done it, and I am pretty sure other cities in the UK has done it.

We shouldn’t be having to do this in the first place but God bless the man who has taken the steps to do it.

John Jameson

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GET CCTV in there ASAP, these morons can’t be allowed to continue their despicable rampage (Nursery appeals to community after repeated acts of vandalism against their premise, Monday).

When apprehended lock them up – no paltry fines or community service sentences should be handed out.

Donald Webster

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