“Traditionally when people think of comedy in Scotland, they think of the Edinburgh Fringe or Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle on the television”.

That’s the words of Chrissy Ross, a comedian from Dennistoun who is looking to instead showcase the country’s very best talent right here in Glasgow - as he gets the chance to host event nights at Scotland’s biggest comedy club.

Followers of Gary Faulds, another Glasgow sensation, may recognise Chrissy as the support act to his latest shows. In fact, the pair went to school together – with 37-year-old Chrissy admitting he owes a lot to the success of his old pal.

Glasgow Times: Chrissy Ross will host the nights at the GleeChrissy Ross will host the nights at the Glee

He said: “I’ve really been on an upward trajectory for the last couple of years, by supporting Gary Faulds at his big shows I’ve managed to get a bit of an audience for myself.

“The harsh reality is that without the success of Gary, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now so I have a lot to thank him for.”

Over the last few years Chrissy has hosted over 200 ‘new material’ nights at independent clubs – where comedians get to try out jokes to different audiences.

It was around three months ago, after a year of being in contact, that Chrissy got his big break – a chance he says will be able to showcase Glasgow’s “plethora” of comedy talent.

Glasgow Times:

Rachel Jackson will be among the performers 

He added: “The Glee Club is a big brand across the UK, it’s huge, and this is their first move into Scotland with their Glasgow venue.

“I approached them and told them about my successful track record with independent comedy nights and things like that and told them I’d like to run a new material night midweek.

“The difference is, I will be curating it, so it showcases the very best of Scottish comedy.

“It’s a midweek night with some quality comedians that is comparable to stuff you would be getting at the weekends.

“New material nights are often seen as a hit-or-miss for the audience with writers trying to judge what goes down well – but with these events it will be the highest quality comedians, so even if one act doesn’t necessarily do well, the next act on will certainly make up for it.”

For his first show on February 26, Chrissy has managed to bag Beats, Two Doors Down and Scot Squad star Rachel Jackson as his headliner. Also appearing that night is 2018 BBC New Comedy Award winner Stephen Buchanan and ‘Breaking the News’ participant Susan Riddell.

The following month, on March 25, Des McLean will be headlining, along with performances from Mark Jennings and Connor Burns among others.

Glasgow Times:

Des McLean will also perform a set

“Everyone who will be on stage has a passion for comedy – it’s very much going to be the best of the best,” Chrissy added.

“Since I started comedy around five years ago, the Glasgow scene wasn’t doing much post Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle.

“There was an initial surge, but things quietened down.

“But now we have this plethora of talent – people like Stephen Buchanan, Rachel Jackson and Gary Faulds are making a huge impact.

“The scene in Glasgow is very healthy at the moment – the Stand operates seven nights a week, the Glee club has three, the Rotunda has four and the Yes Bar also had seven.

“When you come to these nights, there will be people you haven’t necessarily seen on tv yet but are big names in the comedy world.

“Glaswegians love good comedy and a bargain and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.

“This is high end, the best of the best – you’ll be getting to see brilliant comedians live with a real rawness to it - It’s so very exciting.”

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