How low can some people sink? My wife sent three personal Christmas cards to my daughter and two granddaughters in Rothesay. She posted them two weeks ago in Giffnock, and by the time they arrived they had been opened by someone, obviously hoping there was cash inside.

It’s absolutely outrageous.

I hope whoever is responsible can sleep at night knowing that they’ve vandalised an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old’s personal Christmas cards from their grandmother.

So well done!

G Middleton


The incompetence of this company is unreal at any time of year (‘It was absolute bedlam’: Chaos as customer queue for hours at Yodel’s Glasgow base two days before Christmas, Tuesday).

Nick Duncan

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I’m sure the Royal Mail or any other delivery service are not completely reliable.

All the same, they are trying to cope at the busiest time of the year.

Leaving everything to the last minute and then expecting everything to fall into place is a bit naive.

The ‘going to the shops’ system was rejected by people in favour of convenience, so now they have the consequences of the ‘sitting in the house pressing a keyboard’ system.

The future will be ‘if you can live without it, you don’t need it’. Minimal stuff and minimal demand.

Issues of pressure and stress disappearing, and health, shelter, food and lifestyle being the key.

James Street

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This is the age we live in (‘Tragedy’ as 2500 Glasgow children registered homeless last Christmas, Monday).

It’s a shame and an embarrassment to the country. There is plenty of brownfield land to build on but having all these housing associations, not many want to build new property.

I have had the same kitchen and bathroom since 1981 and windows that serve no purpose. It will only get worse.

Nick Duncan

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SNP failings – it’s always someone else to blame (Letters, Monday).

Our country is a shambles.

What have the great SNP been doing since they came to power in Scotland? Police, schools, NHS Scotland and industry all failing but it’s always someone else who is responsible.

William Smith

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The clothes on the bridge are a symbol of how low our society has sunk (Glasgow Times, December 23). While those who left them had good intentions, they show the gulf between the rich and poor in our nation.

Donald Webster

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THERE are some scam artist posing as homeless people,but there are legitimate people sleeping rough on the streets of Glasgow. They’re the ones I really feel for and we should try and show a little respect for them at this time of the year.

I do really hope this scheme is not abused and that legitimate homeless people do get something to keep them warm.

God bless the guy that started it.

In this day and age we should not need this, or foodbanks, but that’s life.

John Jameson

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Very nice idea, but simplistic, and open to abuse by the wrong characters, or drunks on the way home throwing stuff about, rendering it useless, and not reaching its intended market. Sounds cynical, but being realistic.

James Shanks

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