IF you are anything like me and grew up in a large family then concept of leftovers is pretty alien, however the one time of the year there were some slim pickings was Christmas.

As in keeping with the season of goodwill and excess we invariably buy and cook too much to eat at one sitting on the Big Day but the good news there are plenty of recipes for turkey, ham and veggie leftovers. Curries are obvious and easy as are pastas and stirfrys but my own particular favourite is a Turkey Risotto.

Risotto is in general a great way of using up leftovers and all you need is a bag of rice, some stock and cheese and you have a marvellous one pot meal. Only Italian risotto rice will do – ideally Arborio - and freshly grated parmesan cheese. The secret is in the gradual addition of stock and constant stirring with a wooden spoon to create the perfectly smooth and silky, creamy and cheesy risotto.

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