MY SCHOOL: I went to Woodfarm High School in Thornliebank and I absolutely loved it. When I started in first year in 2001 the buildings were quite old, and definitely had a bit of ‘character’ about them. Many departments had their own buildings separate from the main one, so you had to walk across the playground from English to science, which was great in between periods for wasting a bit of time when you wanted to avoid class. By the time I left in sixth year - I made it to Head Girl - in 2007 the building had been updated and was all new, which definitely offered better facilities but sadly less time outside to dawdle in between classes.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: It is genuinely hard to chose a favourite teacher because I was so lucky to have so many. Mrs Scott in the PE department really nurtured my love of netball. (I was even training at one point with the Scottish squad.) Mr Anderson made Chemistry so much fun I studied it all the way to Advanced Higher.

SCHOOL DINNER, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? I usually had a packed lunch -sandwich, yoghurt and a chocolate biscuit - but it was often eaten in a hurry either before or after one of the many extra-curricular activities I did. Although, often a Friday meant heading out of the school for a bag of chips. The walk to the chippie with my pals was almost as good as the food.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: I was a bit of a geek and proud of it at school. I enjoyed most of them but chemistry, geography and maths were top - chemistry, because of Mr Anderson; geography because I’ve always had a passion for learning about the natural world; and maths because there is something quite satisfying about being able to work a problem through and get to a solution.

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LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: I found physics pretty tricky.

MY BEST FRIEND: Fiona McCreaddie and I have been best friends since primary one. We were both pretty sporty so practically lived down in the PE department. We were always chatting nonsense to each other and even walked to and from school every day together. I was lucky enough to be maid of honour at her wedding just a couple of months ago.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS IT WOULD BE….I would maybe try and stress less about studying for exams. I did not enjoy that at all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change very much. I made the best friends, many of whom I still hang out with today, and was given so many amazing opportunities that I grabbed with both hands. In fact, I would go back and do it all again.

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