YOUR correspondent in Tuesday’s letters page is blaming the Scottish Government about troubles at Prestwick Airport, the previous owner has become the preferred bidder, why? Public money.

They failed before what is going to be different this time.

The fiasco at the two hospitals is the same a supposed consortium of reputable building companies smelled millions in public money.

Then they delivered two buildings not fit for purpose to maximise profit.

The ferry contract smells of the same. Mr Weir was held up as a shining light in Scottish business but it seems he can’t build ships.

As for running the railways there are no railwaymen left, so someone would have to be appointed. Who can the SNP pick that would have any idea how to do it?

Nicola Sturgeon didn’t pretend she could build hospitals or ships, or say she could run a railway. It is the chancers that take advantage of public contracts who are the problem.

William Allan

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ABSOLUTE magic (Johnston woman turns 100 on Christmas Eve and attributes long life to porridge and fish supper, ET online).

My own wee nana is currently 90 (91 in February).

I can honestly say there’s no sign of slowing down.

She’s still living alone, independent and goes her own shopping, etc.

Hopefully the same for this grand wee wife... and many



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THANK you for printing the Times Past pictures in yesterday’s edition.

I love looking back at old pictures of Glasgow.



BEAUTIFUL babies and big brother Alfie looks as proud as punch (Home For Christmas: Miracle baby reunited with twin sister thanks to Glasgow doctors, Tuesday).

Christmas will have been fun in their home.

Rae M

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I WASN’T surprised at all to read about the problems that people faced attempting to pick up parcels from Yodel, right, (Evening Times, Tuesday).

It’s a disgrace that families missed out on their presents because of this company.

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I READ the letter a couple

of weeks ago from one of

your readers about the amount of potholes

on Red Road in Barmulloch.

The road is a disgrace. It’s extremely difficult to avoid hitting one of the potholes as there are so many.

I feel sorry for the bus drivers who have to attempt to avoid them on a daily basis.



WELL done to all the Christmas Day workers – whether it’s NHS staff,

shop workers or taxi drivers.

I hope they get to enjoy some time off with their families at a later date.

Mary Reilly


I WAS interested to read Paul Trainer’s list of best place of the year to eat in Glasgow (Evening Times, Thursday).

I agreed with many of them apart from one exception.

Best pizza in Glasgow has to be Paesano.

There is just nowhere else in the city that can come close to it.

And the owners have done it again with the opening of Sugo. It’s another great place to go in Glasgow. Our city has so many super places to eat in. I look forward to reading what other restaurants make it on Paul’s list over the new year.

Stewart Reid


I WAS sad to read in Thursday’s Evening Times that Fopp on Byres Road is to close again.

I always enjoyed going into the store for a browse.



I CAN’T believe people still rush in for the Boxing Day sales. Do they not have better things to do with their time than queue up outside a shop for a bargain?

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