I THINK Glasgow City Council should reconsider its Sunday parking charges in the New Year.

I’m certain this move has had a major impact on consumers visiting the city centre on a Sunday.

I really feel sorry for the retailers who have been affected by the move.

The decision has just driven any potential customers to out-of-town malls at Silverburn, The Fort and Braehead.

So, let’s make the change in January and give the shops in the city centre a chance to make some money – before they are forced to close their doors due to lack of business.

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NOT a power on Earth would make me go shopping on Boxing Day (People queued for the Lush Boxing Day sale – and Glasgow can’t handle it, Friday).

Had far too much fun socialising with family, and playing with the nephews.

Colin MacEwan

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HATS off to the staff in all our shops who work hard to service our Christmas needs and deserve the two days off, after Christmas Eve.


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BOXING Day is the day I get to finally relax.

My dog and I just lie on the couch (bag of cans for me and a bag of treats for her) and the big shiny remote control!

Jim Jones

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IT’S not difficult to put everything in a black bin bag and put it in the bin (Anger over Xmas rubbish dumping at Darnley supermarket, Friday).

Rae M

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