RANGERS have accused Celtic fans of racist abuse against striker Alfredo Morelos, after the Old Firm game on Sunday.

Morelos was booed off the pitch after he was sent off for diving minutes before the end of play – with Rangers winning the game 2-1.

The Colombian made a cutting gesture across his throat directed towards the Celtic stands as he left the field.

The Ibrox side have now accused Hoops supporters of racially abusing Morelos.

A statement from Rangers said: “We believe Alfredo was racially abused and we would expect now that all measures will be taken to identify and deal with those responsible.”

The club has indicated it will report the matter to Police Scotland, however, the force has not as yet received any complaints.

Responding to the claims, Celtic said: “We are aware of the gestures made by the player towards Celtic supporters.

“We have received no reports of any racial abuse but would fully investigate any should these be brought to our attention.”

Rangers defended their striker’s cutting-throat gesture, saying the mime was common in South American countries to indicate something had come to its end, and that Morelos was subject to a disproportionate level of scrutiny from rival fans.

They said: “There can be little doubt Alfredo is singled out for special attention, on and off the field of play.

“Indeed, some of the things said and written about him leave a lot to be desired and do nothing to suggest Scottish football is the most welcoming of environments.

“Even Alfredo’s gesture as he left the pitch is now being portrayed in some quarters as something sinister when, in fact, it is a gesture used commonly throughout South America to indicate quite simply that something – in this case, the match – is finished.”

Ryan Kent was similarly criticised for his gun-to-head celebration following his first half goal.

Referee Kevin Clancy came under fire for decisions during the game, with Rangers yesterday issuing a call for the introduction of VAR to the Scottish game.

Police reported only a small number of arrests after the game.

There were two men arrested for breaches of the peace, another for a licensing offence, and a 36-year-old was stopped for reckless conduct.