I THINK it’s time to put Only An Excuse to bed, I thought this year’s was the worst ever (TV Review: Hogmanay 2019, Only an Excuse, Sean’s Very Scottish Hogmanay, Selling Scotland).

It just wasn’t funny. If this is the best a team of BBC writers can come up with, pity help us if we get independence. BBC Scotland has relied on the same people to create comedy for too long. I think they believe if they tell us it’s funny we will go along with it.

As for the Susan Calman thing, I could only take five minutes of this nonsense before I found something on Netflix. The BBC has been letting the people down for far too long with this crap.

John Mackie

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LET’S bring in the bells with Travis singing Why Does It Always Rain On Me – really cheery, eh? What a load of rubbish in new year entertainment.

George Godfrey

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THE live sound quality from the castle firework display broadcast was unlike the picture quality of true HD. Maybe Mark Ronson wanted a cut?

The Calman show was alright. That old fruit market format complete with torturous “diddlyledee” “diddlyledee” music had well tired out. Like Travis? They must have been disappointed that, just for a change, it never rained on them? As the overall effect of Scotch mist lends itself perfectly to their song.

It was a perfect night for an outside broadcast too but somehow BBC Scotland conspired to screw it up. As for Des Clarke, if he could bottle his “put-on” enthusiasm and sell it he probably would. Trying too hard.

A good 2020 all!

Robert MacMichael

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THE Hogmanay TV schedule has been dire for many a year so I am not going to be too harsh on the Calman show. It was different and people don’t always like different, but I think the old guard had their time, and it was time to move on. Not the most polished of productions. However, Jackie Bird (pictured) wasn’t on, and that’s a bonus.

You must have been watching a different Only An Excuse from me, or any other person I have spoken to about this mince. For years Jonathan Watson has been robbing the licence fee with this bile. When it first hit the screens, it was hilarious and relevant. Now it’s cringing and a comedy vacuum.

Enjoyed the Selling Scotland program, great to see some of the old ads.

Dougie T

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WHAT do people expect?

It’s “celebrating” the end of a year. That’s it. There is nothing more one dimensional than that.

If people find it that bad go to bed, go for a pint or go to another one of the 999 channels.

Liam Gorman

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I SUPPOSE they have to make up the shortfall brought about by the fare dodgers and vandalism (Glasgow to Edinburgh rail commuters facing £116 price hike). I see a number of them on the train between Central and Shieldmuir every day. I stopped one trying to tailgate me through the barrier at Central one evening. Fortunately, a patrolling BTP officer was on hand to deal with him.

Colin MacEwan

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THE fly-tipping at Linn Park Cemetery (Glasgow Times, December 31) is disgusting. Those dumping rubbish so close to the infant burial ground should be ashamed.

It must make what is already a traumatic visit for grieving parents even worse to see tyres, bottles, bin bags and litter just dumped there. I hope it’s removed immediately.

Derek Alisson

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I’M sick of irresponsible owners giving all dog owners a bad name (Glasgow Times, December 30). It’s not hard to pick up after your pet.

More needs to be done to crack down on these people who obviously don’t care about their surroundings.

Stuart Kerr

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I HAVE two dogs and pick up after them as it’s only common decency! Dog poo bag dispensers can be bought cheaply from many discount stores so there’s really no need.

What annoys me is if walking in the park with other dog owners and their dog does its business, we let each other know – however, there’s one in particular who doesn’t pick up even when we offer them a bag! So we do it: 1. To try to shame them (it doesn’t); 2. So as not to make the rest of us look bad; 3. To keep our local park tidy.

We often take it in turns to do a sweep and pick up any dog mess we find and bin It. It’s disgusting!

Deb Mckenzie

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