GLORIOSA is setting out to serve large plates of healthy comfort food, while Cafe Gandolfi has switched its focus to sharing plates.

Sugo will establish its reputation based on freshly prepared pasta while Bibimbap has expanded its Korean food footprint in the city.

Vietnamese and Malaysian flavours have enlivened menus while brunch has shot to prominence. Cocktail and cafe culture is on the rise.

What does it all mean for 2020? Here’s my thoughts on what the new year will bring. I’ve also asked some restaurant pals to give us their hot take on where things are going for the local scene.

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Food in 2020

IT’S going to be spicy. We’ll be reaching for the chilli flakes and hot sauce in the new year as one of the food trends will be for fiery flavours. It’s something that’s always played a part within the Glasgow restaurant offering but this year expect new creative directions for food with heat, for brunch and dinner.

We will see more Mexican and Middle Eastern influences, with unusual grains and plant-based menus becoming more popular. Vegan Glasgow is on the rise, expect more burger alternatives. Eye-catching show-stopping food – cakes in particular – will feature more prominently on Instagram, which remains a strong influence on our local restaurant choices.

Squid-ink pasta and similar bold choices will appear. Foraged mushrooms and other Scottish produce from forests and fields will find their way on to our high streets. While restaurateurs seem buoyant and confident ahead of 2020, after a blockbuster year for Glasgow kitchens, the impact of Brexit should not be underestimated, with implications for our access to ingredients and the talent restaurants can attract to the city. Overall, we are set for another exciting year.

Drink in 2020

NATURAL wine is more prominent on wine lists already, with dedicated wine bars opening in the city. This trend is set to continue with natural, low-intervention and biodynamic wines. Former Frightened Rabbit musician Grant Hutchison recently launched Re:stalk Cider which may play a part in a new approach to this particular drink.

Glasgow remains a craft brewing city and more microbrewing locations are to be expected. Mezcal and other niche spirits are claiming a bigger share of the cocktail market. Glasgow’s always had a sweet tooth when it comes to mixed drinks but that flavour palette is expanding. The chatter that we have reached Peak Gin globally may allow for the much-predicted rise of rum, with Glasgow distillers already playing their part with Wester Rum and Banditti. Expect a lot more creative non-alcoholic drinks to be available within our restaurants and bars.