RENTS are too high (Alchemy experiment bringing life back to Byres Road space). Ask any of the retailers on Byres Road. Glasgow’s council doesn’t listen! And if they were Council of the Year in 2015 as they proclaim, then how bad were the others?

They pay good money (ours) for inferior work – look at the tarmac on the “Humpback Bridge” and steps to the Botanics. Full of holes after only 15 months. Tarmac needs tar in it to bind it together!


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IT has been revealed that officials of the SNP Government quango Transport Scotland took more flights than ever despite the Scottish Government demanding that the public reduce their emissions by using public transport. Transport Scotland’s excuse was that all its flights were offset by a carbon levy that collected about £40,000 a year. This is an insult since it is the taxpayer who pays.

To show how farcical the crusade to reduce emissions is, it was reported on the same day that 75,000 revellers attend the Edinburgh Hogmanay party, including people from 87 nations. I wonder how they all travelled.

Clark Cross

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A COUPLE of weeks ago we were told ISIS were regrouping and have plenty of funds to restart the war.

Just before Christmas President Trump was impeached and was ordered to go on trial before the senate in Capitol Hill. Fast forward to January and President Trump orders a drone strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. This action could lead us into either a third Gulf war or a third world war, quite conveniently creating a smokescreen about the senate hearing – and also keeping the war-effort weapons manufacturers rolling in the profits.

Not to mention the breakdown in the Korean peninsula that Trump had taken great pride and credit for.

Are the people ever going to wise up to these tactics? Or are they beyond caring these days?

Richard Low


I CAN’T agree with Dougie T – I was so disappointed that Jackie Bird wasn’t the host this year at the Bells (January 3).

Didn’t read anywhere why that was.



I NORMALLY like Hogmanay live but since Jackie Bird left it has went downhill, so I might start watching STV from now on (Letters: Hogmanay TV schedule let us down yet another year). Don’t get me wrong, I like the BBC, but it’s the same year in year out.

James Delaney

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REGARDING all the negative comments on the BBC and STV’s presentations for the Hogmanay festival ... I have only one thing to say. You should have gone to Alba!

The Howling Gael


“INTU Braehead named best shopping centre in Scotland for second year.”

Are access and exit roads from Braehead taken into account? If they are I pity the rest of Scotland.

George Oliver

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WHAT has Iain Duncan Smith done to deserve a knighthood? Universal Credit is a failure and has made life miserable for far too many people.

Foodbank usage in Glasgow and across the UK is so high because of policies he introduced. He should be ashamed to receive it.


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