I NOTE all new MPs in the Glasgow boundary. I beg if they can do a better job than the First Minister. I don’t see much improvement in Govanhill given the amount of money spent on it.

The streets in Glasgow still have litter and dog fouling, and I doubt very much if the council has thought ahead to have additional resources to cope with fly-tipped trees and overflowing bins.

The roads in the city have more pot holes than ever given the cold weather. The amount of people rough sleeping and begging in the city centre is at the highest levels I’ve seen and I don’t see the council doing much to improve it.

Maybe, as a belated Christmas present to the citizens, the council and politicians can make Glasgow miles better again.

Named and address supplied

I AM sure that this demonstration will stop any war with Iran (‘No war with Iran’ protest to be held on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street steps). A bunch of left-wing snowflakes banging on about Donald Trump in Glasgow in the rain? That will tell them.

Shaun Costello

SO do you think a war with Iran would be a good thing?

Iran is nothing like Iraq – and how did that turn out again?

Iran would most likely wipe the floor with us and that’s coming from an ex soldier. The terrain in Iran is very different to Iraq with lots of mountains and very little desert. Fighting there would be a nightmare.

Iran also has a very good air defence system, which has been able to intercept American drones, control and land them.

The Iranian Army is a lot more professional than the Iraqi army, so you wouldn’t have mass surrenders if we did go to war with them.

Their two main backers are Russia and China. Russia, China and Iran would wipe the floor with America and Britain. We only have 82,000 troops.

John Smith

WHO’S telling you that there will be an all out war? The media? Because Russia and China sure don’t want to get involved. Iran ranks below Brazil and Italy (at 14th) for strength, so conventionally, it wouldn’t last long.

Iran is more likely to go down the tech route, and try to disrupt through websites, etc. Or continue its terrorist activities (perhaps looking for “soft sites”) ... something, oddly enough, that the guy they’ve just buried was their expert on.

Graeme Mackay

GOING to war with Iran is not something to get agitated about. The Lord Provost of Glasgow spending a few grand on clothes... THAT’S something to get agitated about.

Alan Corrigan