I WAS interested to read the article about the plans for Glasgow and Renfrewshire councils to join forces on the first stage of the proposed Glasgow Metro light railway.

The project to link Glasgow Airport with Paisley Gilmour Street and eventually connecting up key locations on the south side of the river before crossing the Clyde to the Queen Elizabeth hospital and on into the city centre is ambitious, but very worthwhile.

Linking the airport with a public transport connection into the city makes sense, both for travellers and for the economic development of sites along the route.

It also has the potential to take a lot of airport traffic off the busy M8 reducing the carbon footprint of travel in the process.

The Edinburgh tram experience with long delays, massive disruption and considerable cost over-runs will make many people wary but lessons can be learned from that experience and with full transparency of accountability between contractors and project managers, most problems can be managed successfully. Manchester is planning a similar development to integrate its transport provision, similar schemes in London and Newcastle are already successfully up and running.

It is time for Glasgow now to take this positive step into the future.

Name and address supplied

SCHOOL uniform grants’ awareness has been heavily shared on Facebook and other sites (Number of grants to buy school clothing in Glasgow soars, Tuesday).

It’s little wonder applications have increase – £110 for free and you don’t even have to buy a uniform with it nor provide receipts the you have the £250 for starting primary one.

Andrew Burns

WHAT a sad

story (Glasgow mum shares heartbreaking 10-Year Challenge after teen’s suicide, Tuesday). My heart goes out to Britney and her family.

Shaun Costello

ANOTHER massive protest (Protest held in Buchanan Street calling for no war with Iran, Tuesday), the same people, anti everything and always against their own country.

George Walker

HOW about an underground car park (Chance to give views on new Byres Road plans opened by Glasgow City Council, Tuesday). Drivers bring a lot of business to the area – stop castigating us.

John Davidson

PARKING is an issue in this area. It puts me off visiting the West End at the weekend.