NASHVILLE star Lennon Stella will get to explore her Scottish ancestry when she plays Glasgow's SWG3 this year.

The talented Canadian star revealed her mum's side of the family hail from Scotland.

And although she has never been, her first headlining European tour will bring her to Scottish soil on February 24.

"I am so excited. I have not been before," she beamed.

She continued: "I know my mum’s side of the family is Scottish - that is the extent of it.

"I am excited to go around. I can't wait, the accent is my favourite."

She added: "I need to make a bucket list of things. I just want to be able to explore this time because last time I was travelling around, it is kinda hard to find time during the day on tour.

"I am going to make sure it is a priority to go and explore."

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Glasgow Times:

Exploring Europe might be high on Lennon's agenda but so is developing her sound as she prepares to release her debut album this year.

At 20 years old, Lennon is preparing to showcase her sound to the world after impressing with her vocals as Maddie Conrad for six years on the hit TV show Nashville.

She said: "It was such a big part of my life. I definitely miss it and I miss the people."

She added: "Having music in a full album that is out in the world that I hear people singing back to me is going to be so fulfilling.

"I have been given more time to really lock in and develop what I want to do and don’t want to do.

"The freedom of having a bunch of songs and being able to get creative with different sounds and how I want things to flow and all that. It has been very very cool just to experience that."

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Glasgow Times:

Lennon gave a taste of her sound with single Kissing Other People. She also collaborated with The Chainsmokers and Illenium on Takeaway as well as Jonas Blue and Liam Payne on Polaroid. And hopefully, her fans will get to hear some of those tracks when she plays the city's SWG3.

"It's cool having people messaging me from around the world saying that they have tickets to the show.

"This is my first time headlining a tour and it is a lot of fun.

"I am just excited to be out on my own. I love the European crowd."

Lennon Stella plays SWG3 on February 24.