IT’S been on their doorsteps for 100 years and they have not used the facility (Bid to save Glasgow bowling club as housing plans submitted, Wednesday).

Now it’s been sold suddenly, after the announcement of flats to be built, all the people in the surrounding red sandstone houses are not happy. Well tough, you will get a nice view of a big block of flats.

John Smith

ANOTHER piece of history is about to bite the dust.

How sad the membership dropped to just 77.

Ian Mackay

CORRESPONDENT George Walker and others belittle

the folk who dared to exercise their right to protest against a possible war with Iran.

Would they rather we all stayed indoors and compliant, afraid to speak up against the aggressive rhetoric that would see many thousands lose their lives?

It’s not about anti-everything and such a claim is ludicrous.

A Martin

I HOPE they’re going to freeze council tax under these circumstances (‘Unprecedented’ UK budget date puts pressure on Glasgow council tax decision)?

Everyone keeps going on about cash-strapped councils, but what about cash-strapped households?

Council tax rates are getting ridiculous.

If the UK is also giving an extra £1.2billion, then a 50% reduction isn’t out of the question.

Working people always seem to be the ones who get hammered.

If you want to reduce in-work poverty, then reduce this terrible tax.


BORIS JOHNSON doesn’t care about Scotland.

It will only get worse if we keep letting England decide what is best for our country and put someone in charge that no-one in Scotland wants.

Alan Corrigan

FREEZE council tax. If there is a surplus in the budget, use to improve services (or provide refunds to taxpayers, beginning with hardest hit households first).

If there is a reduction, find areas to cut costs.

I’ll bet there’s areas being overspent, and waste out there right now.

Government – local or country-wide – do NOT create wealth.

So, there is little recourse when poor decisions are made using the taxpayer’s money. Try a little accountability.

It’s not difficult. Get yourselves a piece of paper, and a biro, use last year’s numbers as a guide, and figure it out?

Graeme MacKay