Network GQS have released images of the latest updates at Queen Street Station. 

The rail infrastructure manager took to Twitter to share the latest developments of the refurb and announced the construction will be finished by spring time this year. 

In one Tweet, an image showed gold cladding on the walls of the east side of the station. 

Glasgow Times:

Another Tweet showed modern stonework developments at the upper end of Dundas Street. 

Glasgow Times:

The final image from Network Rail GQS gave a sneak peek of how Queen Street station will look from the inside of the building, revealing that they were busy laying terrazzo tiles on the floor at the West George Street and Dundas Street entrance. 

Glasgow Times:

Some welcomed the developments, with one person saying: "It's looking great!"

Meanwhile others raised concerns over slippery floor conditions during wet weather, with one person adding: "I'm sure they'll be awesome, but how do these tiles cope with water?"

Another person citicised how long it has taken to redevelop the station, saying: "The Great Pyramid of Giza was completed quicker". 

The £120m redevelopment began in October 2017.