The Wyndford Diner, located within the Maryhill Hub, has reopened as of this week.

New Chef Michael Balitbit, who has a background cooking on cruise ships and in Glasgow's Citizen restaurant, is at the helm of the new kitchen.

"I've been a chef now for over a decade, working on kitchens all over the world.

"I moved to Glasgow with my partner and family and the Maryhill Hub was always a place that we knew lots about, and that we knew people used.

"When the vacancy came up, I knew that I would go for it because it is such a good space that is so well loved in the local community.

"We are trying something different in the new Diner. We want to try and educate people on how to cook, as well as cook new and exciting meals for people in the community to try - with of course the usual favourites available throughout the week".


The new menu is indeed exciting - alongside the usual favourites such as a Full Scottish Breakfast, beef lasagna and pasta dishes, diners at the Wyndford Diner can try curries, ramen, beef Salpicao and Pinoy breakfasts, which is the typical Fillipino breakfast.

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Michael's kitchen is a waste-free zone, allowing him to keep the costs of his food down and find something that everyone enjoys.

"Eventually we will run cooking classes and workshops, and we want to get some of our food available to be delivered too" Michael added.

Maryhill Hub's Community Resource Manager Graham Semple said that having Michael in the kitchen of the new Wyndford Diner is a hugely exciting prospect for the local community.

"The Wyndford Diner has been here ever since the company, Glasgow City Council, took on the running of the Maryhill hub which is a community resource.

"It closed a few months back after it was damaged by a major flood and it has taken this length of time to have everything cleared up.

"The vacancy came up and Michael was perfect to run the cafe. The centre is popular - over a month we have a footfall of about 2000 people per month, with people of all ages and I think that the menu reflects that - we have such a wide range of customers and clients.

"I'm really excited for Michael's expertise in cooking, the variety of food and the reasonable price of his menu for the area. I think that I can speak on behalf of every organisation working in here that we are really excited for the future of the Wyndford diner."

The Diner opened yesterday, but will have an official launch in the coming weeks.