GLASGOW City Council leader Susan Aitken is to be congratulated on pushing on with David Begg’s Connectivity Commission recommendations for a city-wide tram system.

It has been blindingly obvious for many years that Glasgow needs a modern tram system serving major commuter routes right across and through the city centre connecting hospitals, museums, railway stations, shopping centres etc.

This was a city that had one of the largest tram networks in Europe until it was foolishly torn up in the 1960s. Glasgow is now one of the very few large cities in Europe without a tram system.

Cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin and many others across Europe are expanding their networks. Modern trams will mean far fewer diesel fumes in the city from all the buses.

Glasgow needs this system urgently to increase connectivity and decrease air pollution. It really is a no brainer!
Frank Deasy

EVEN as a Labour Supporter, I realise that the Tories are exacting revenge on the Scottish Government by delaying announcing the National Budget, forcing the Scottish Government to delay announcing their budget, which could have serious affects on the running of the country.

This vengeful act is based on the strong opposition by the SNP to the Tories in the recent general election, resulting in several Scottish Tories losing their seats in the Scottish Parliament.

It is also an attempt to cause dissension among Scottish Voters, regarding a second referendum.

In my opinion the SNP Government fail to recognise, that they are dealing with the most right wing Tory Government in living memory, who have no scruples as to how they achieve their intentions, fair or otherwise.

WITH regards Harry and Meghan’s announcement – what wonderful news! Around £12 million saved per year.

Wouldn’t it be great if they all quit and we could spend the money on homeless children. After all none of them do anything of any use.
B McKenna

VERY sad times we live in when foodbanks are needed in Scotland and there doesn’t seem to be an end to them (Almost 47,400 emergency food parcels handed out in Glasgow, Thursday).

I’m sure the vast majority of users are truely grateful for this lifeline and there will always be a very small minority who abuse this service.
Simon Taylor

HOW did people live before there were foodbanks?

Were they dropping down dead in the streets from the lack of food?

No, they looked after themselves and their families. And why are so many people overweight now? If you get anything for free it will be abused.
Shaun Costello

WELL done to Stacey Lee for her fabulous weight loss (Glasgow mum beats bullies to become Instagram hit after losing 10 stones, Thursday).

I know how hard it is to lose weight and I am very impressed with Stacey’s success.
K Chandler

THEY do look nice buses, just really wish that Scottish Link will reintroduce the Glasgow to Blackpool service as well (Citylink to launch new fleet of £7million coaches linking Glasgow and Edinburgh, Thursday).

It was known as the 618 service and it would make it a lot easier to get to and from Blackpool.

I hope they do this as soon as possible. They should have never stopped this service which was well used.
Alan Hall

CAN I make a plea for Glasgow City Council to install more bins in Kelvingrove Park?

I was walking through the park last weekend and struggled to find one. There used to be lots of smaller bins but they seem to have disappeared.

I KNOW it might have been a crazy show but I really enjoyed The Masked Singer on TV last Saturday. I thought I would switch off straight away but I couldn’t take my eyes off it.
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