A CRIME bestseller set in post-war Glasgow is being adapted for the small screen by the writer behind Vera and Shetland.

Robert Murphy is to adapt Craig Russell’s Lennox books as a TV series with award-winning production company Synchronicity Films.

The books are set in post-war Glasgow in a city “teeming with shady bookies, femmes fatales and scar-faced gangsters.”

The central character - Lennox - is a ruggedly good-looking private detective, born in Glasgow but raised in North America following the Depression.

Claire Mundell Managing Director and Creative Director of Synchronicity, said: “Craig Russell’s Lennox is a fascinating character, taking inspiration from the classic noir detective and infusing him with freshness and bite through intricately researched setting, authenticity of the period and compelling plot.

“We know that Robert will bring his wit and brilliant instinct for storytelling to this project, and we can’t wait to showcase it to audiences hungry for innovative crime drama.”

Synchronicity producted the critically acclaimed award-winning drama series The Cry written by Jacquelin Perske for BBC One.