Glasgow University's rector announced he would not be re-standing for the position this year, saying that 'one woman in 569 years' is 'simply not good enough'.

Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar is due to finish his three-year stint in the coming months, with nominations open for his successor.

Having taken up the post in 2017, Mr Anwar said a number of high profile legal issues and spending time with his three children would make it impossible to 'do the post justice'.

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The announcement comes after students at the university announced their desire for campaigner Greta Thunberg to take up the role.

Speaking to the Glasgow Times, Mr Anwar said: "Having an opportunity to speak to thousands of students over the three years with a hope of inspiring has been a tremendous honour.

"For the next Rector I would hope it is an active one who can be on campus, the university is a powerful institution that at times needs a powerful voice willing to stand up to it.

"But I also believe that one woman in 569 years is simply not good enough, there are many females in Scotland from all walks of life who would be tremendous advocates for our students."